Here's a peak of the bookmarks feature in ( TUI client written in ).

You can use the TUI to manage bookmarks *OR* you can just edit the INI file directly.

@hyperrealgopher those bookmark records are one field away from being compatible with GNU Recutils

@sjanes I don't know what's you're talking about, but if you tell me more I can possibly include compatibility.


Essentially, records are separated by blank lines

Title: title of link
Host: gopher.example.dom
Port: 70
Resource: /yadda/
Type: 1
Notes: If you wanted
+ multiline notes you use
+ the plusses as a prefix after
+ the first line.

@sjanes Thanks, I'll look into this, I'll try to get around to adding an issue later, but feel free to on the Waffle GitHub repo if you wouldn't mind. I'll be sure to mess around with this utility as well, thanks again for sharing.

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