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Hello, world!

I am the creator of , a client written in !

Waffle on GitHub:

Waffle on Matrix (official chat):!ErxkIgxbsTfPysApW

I also run an server, with free ZNC accounts, which is -only and focused on privacy and security. Ask for an invite!

Having trouble setting up gnu mail, exim to send me emails...

I still have to get around to doing something in forth...

I've used and for a while, but I had no idea existed and it's great! I also love the .zshrc they give. The wiki is a real treasure!

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It's very weird to me that there's no cheap rackmount HDD bays. I only need power and a nice bay system for the HDDs.

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The install script for Broadcom MSM totally messed up my Debian install...

Downloads/ $ ls
zsh: command not found: ls
git_prompt_info:3: permission denied: /dev/null

I have a rackmount server I administrate with a terminal. Today I just built and installed my own DAS (basically an overglorified rackmount external HDD enclosure supporting many HDDs) using a spare rackmount server case (which I eventually want to replace in the future, because it's very unfriendly for installing and removing HDDs and cannot hold many).

I was inspired by this guide:

Do I really need to mess with iptables directly in order to setup to allow daemons to be connected to/from (hidden services)? I enable ufw, nothing can connect to these services, I disable and I can connect.

should be finished soon. I just have to add nice onscreen instructions for all the shortcuts, a way to print out a key to stdout or to file, and a nice key viewer/editor. Sorry for the lack of docs

The point of is to make managing all your tapes and their keys very easy by using a barcode system. You should be able to use this application for any backup medium, though. RDX also uses barcodes! However, you can use any unique identifier, not just barcodes.

I should add its useful for compressing anything/creating archives in general too!

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I don't see enough people talk about what a great tool is! It's a wonderful and easy-to-use CLI journaling archiver for incremental backups that uses one of the best compression algorithms. It also has support for password/encryption.

I did a code from in :

> Minimum number of characters to delete from a string so that each character appears unique number of times. Note: You can delete all occurrences of characters.

My solution:

I did a coding puzzle and then benchmarked it against my friend's solutions as well as some Haskeller experts' solution which was actually functional.

> A binary gap within a positive integer N is any maximal sequence of consecutive zeros that is surrounded by ones at both ends in the binary representation of N.

@hyperrealgopher My Rhapsode project has a blog! Though I'll have to expand it to my other browser engines to keep it going... All written in Haskell with a dash of C.

I'm not a big fan of lens in due to the weird/cryptic errors that can occur and all the magic that happens with them. I thought I was being ignorant, but some Haskell experts told me that sometimes lens is awful and magic like that.

I'm having issues with being severely slow/choking up a lot compared to .

I was challenged to a coding puzzle! Counting the largest amount of 0s between two instances of 1 in binary representations of integers!

An interesting conversation ensued about how conversion from integer to binary is o(1) if the integers are bounded!

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