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Hello, world!

I am the creator of , a client written in !

Waffle on GitHub:

Waffle on Matrix (official chat):!ErxkIgxbsTfPysApW

I also run an server, with free ZNC accounts, which is -only and focused on privacy and security. Ask for an invite!

Thanks everyone got being so helpful and reaching out to discuss this! I will respond later after comparing the suggestions.

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I'm thinking about moving from . Please comment with your thoughts and suggestions.

I'm going to make a website that has a graphical representation of chat rooms. Which libraries should I look at? Miso? `websockets`? Any suggestions?

Heads up: the is down again after having been down for a long time.

I recently talked about this very thing! It's wild what you can do with types in Haskell.

What's happening in the code:

`traverse` is a handy function, especially when used with `Either` to escape failing inside a Maybe monad.

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: sometimes you gotta manipulate and shuffle around some monads and functors/applicatives like a 4D Russian nesting doll.

`traverse` is a function that really shows that off. Picture related. Using `traverse` with `Either` and `Maybe` while inside a parser monad.

Has anyone ever released software for before? Or manage software releases? I have been doing static binaries because the deployment and packaging is way easier to manage, but apparently that's a really bad practice. I'm not sure how to make reliable software with dependencies when it's all dynamically linked.

Can I include some of the dynamically linked files too which can be replaced by the user's dependencies? How does that work? I'm new to the concept of compiling, really.

How long until the first mainstream game made mostly by AI?

How long before programming is reduced to "spec writer and tester?" Where your job is writing comments and vaguely testing to make sure the generated code is actually what you want? I think at least 80% of programming jobs as we know it today will be obsolete in less than five years and be replaced by comparatively low paying jobs that basically do exactly that.

I love and thought I knew it well but then I started making rules for interfaces and realized I need to study it more.

For example, I have a new rule for my /#IRC setup which operates in a container, on a host which makes it accessible through . I want to restrict these commands to only port 6667, but when I do so I can no longer access the container:

sudo ufw allow out on br-fe9a6659bb8c from
sudo ufw allow out on br-fe9a6659bb8c from

I made a setup where you manage your gopherhole by simply pushing updates to a git server and will rebuild it and I have tested and confirmed this works well.

This just needs cleaning up at this point.

A part of me is bothered that the Internet is so integral to every step of the development process. Something I'm thinking about as I make a Docker setup.

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