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Hello, world!

I am the creator of , a client written in !

Waffle on GitHub:

Waffle on Matrix (official chat):!ErxkIgxbsTfPysApW

I also run an server, with free ZNC accounts, which is -only and focused on privacy and security. Ask for an invite!

I need to keep my comments that I write to think out problems instead of deleting them to make my code seem clearer as I progress through 's .

Others might find that useful.

Beyond cool: live develop/run code for the Game Boy Advance in ! No pesky recompiling/loading to cartridge/etc.

Copy file into clipboard from commandline:

xclip -sel c < src/Course/FileIO.hs

Copy selection in vim to clipboard:

:'<,'>w !xclip -selection c

I finished the course of the challenge!

I actually found it to be easier than .

I might put all my solutions up on .

Maybe it was just two hours total or max but it felt like forever... Honestly I have a hard time tracking these things.

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This problem took a couple hours of frustration yesterday and a couple hours today before figuring out how to solve it. I feel kind of stupid that it took me so long and I found it so counter-intuitive. If anyone is interested I wouldn't mind elaborating on my struggles.

That wraps up all the courses up to applicative. I've already started the monad course.

Excited to watch lowerdev work through these problems ( after I finish the Monads course!


@hyperrealgopher Ah, cool. In that case if you want a type variable like ‘a’ to match from the top level type sig to one in the ‘where’ you’ll need to enable the ScopedTypeVariables language extension Then make sure to introduce type variables in the top level sig with ‘forall’.

Anyone familiar with ? I am trying to switch themes but can't figure out how. zplug seems to install the theme, but then it's still the default even if I open a new terminal.

This is very nice! It's , but it will also search/open files! It seems to have trouble with snap apps, though (on ).

Apparently some forall type errors in Haskell are very hard/weird to debug, you have to just assume it's a scoping issue, and it has to do with some of the weirder parts of type inference. Got this when adding a type signature gave an error, and taking it away resolved it. Can go into more detail if anyone is interested.

I had to compile it instead of using 's repo for , but I love projectM! What a great visualizer.

Taking a moment to pause and go through a Haskell course. Learning by doing is great, but I feel like it's also necessary to read and learn from others in this kind of format to make sure you're not missing anything. There's always a lot you can learn from others.

Spent a very long time debugging and messing around with exim4 (I want to send email notifications to myself when the server is on battery power), even enabling TLS/587, to find out blocks *all* outbound SMTP.

Having trouble setting up gnu mail, exim to send me emails...

I still have to get around to doing something in forth...

I've used and for a while, but I had no idea existed and it's great! I also love the .zshrc they give. The wiki is a real treasure!

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