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Hello, world!

I am the creator of , a client written in !

Waffle on GitHub:

Waffle on Matrix (official chat):!ErxkIgxbsTfPysApW

I also run an server, with free ZNC accounts, which is -only and focused on privacy and security. Ask for an invite!

I think I'm going to take it easy today and just spend most of my free time on going over my backup system, including my server. I'll be sure to make an article about it for my soon-to-be phlog.

Im thinking about making it so only people with a account on my server can connect to my -only server.

That way I have total control of who is using it.

Feel free to ask me for an account.

I want to check out next...But as a user and not a developer. I have too many projects I wanna get to these days after is v1.

Should I continue using using Data.ConfigFile because I've used it for a while and because the author has a Gopherhole and this is for a project, or should I start using Data.Ini which I like better? I've already started half-reimplementing in Data.Ini.

I find Data.ConfigFile feels overcomplicated, probably because I'm uncomfortable sitll with monads and monad transformers.

Just due to the sheer weirdness of this bug I'm thinking the only reasonable option is to use another INI parser...

I'm using the 6 pin MMJ cable, so I set it to DEC-423, Data Leads Only (which is default... anyway). I tried setting baud rate to 1200 since the instruction book for the Simulant modem says it will start off that way, but that doesn't really change anything... nothing I try works.

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Troubles setting up my VT320..

I just got a V320 and I also got the Simulant Retro Wifi SI. Everything is connected together with all the adapters. However, I'm never able to type anything and I only occasionally get gibberish in the form of weird characters and ?. I have no idea what to do.

I have my first (
browser) user in the wild, reporting bugs! How exciting!

I'm trying to get to the bottom of their crash and make an expedited patch (as soon as I hear back).

I believe the bug is related to my INI parser not being able to parse certain section titles.

Everything I need to connect my VT320 to the web should be arriving tonight!

While some other projects can get a bit carried with GHC's language extensions, I love the simplicity & expressivity of the core Haskell language. I generally don't feel the need for anything more!

That said I do use a handful, and I want to describe what they do now. You shouldn't need to understand Haskell to understand this:


Let me know if you'd like access to my -focused -only server. I'm also giving away accounts just for this server.

What's next:

@Shufei I think wanted to be able to tweak the theme of using an INI file (I think?).

After that I will spend a long time cleaning and bug testing, fixing any bugs, preparing for the v1 release!

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I'm almost done writing the quick search for menu item feature in which lets you jump to a menu item by defining a substring to search for.

I'm excited to release Waffle v1 so I can finally focus on my Gopher server (with spacecookie, plus custom Gopher games I wanna make) and phlog, among other things (finger server!? I kinda wanna write my own daemon in Haskell... Maybe...). Learning Haskell and Gopher has been a blast, it has taught me a lot and help me meet cool people along the way. I learned to not be afraid of RFCs and TCP.

By the way, I have a highly anonymous IRC served I host I'd you want access just reply or DM!

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