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Hello! My name is Hyper. I am a professional web developer, hobby programmer, and open source enthusiast.

I am a father as well. is life nectar.

I also dabble in Lotus, an up and coming crypto-currency that deals in tokens of appreciation instead of trading.

Feel free to message, tag, sub-toot, etc with me. I am a bit introverted, but I am trying to make more friends online.

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#AskFedi #AskFediverse

So, for #jekyll #hugo #eleventy #gatsby or other #ssg users who use some kind of shortcode/includes/autofill or whatever in your articles.

If you were to switch, how would you handle those elements that won't work anymore in whatever new platform you are switching to?

If you have other ideas, please share!

#boostsappreciated #pleaseboost #poll #webdev #wordpress

Joji's Glimpse of Us just hits waaayyyy too close to home for me man.

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CSGO, CS Source, Portal, etc all run sooooo good on Fedora. CSGO even has vulkan support now!

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I'm losing it at this point, just bought three more domains,,, and ...I need help

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:fedora: folks, here is your friendly reminder that we need your feedback on two items:

* Fedora Elections

It is still open but will be closing in a couple of days. Read interviews, vote. As a former member, I'd say folks on Fedora committees can make a real difference. And you can choose who they should be.

* Fedora Survey

Let us know what you do, what you use, and what you think. It will close by the end of the month.

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Here's a #Mastodon tip:

If you feel like you're having trouble making connections and finding people, make sure that you have filled out your profile with your basic bio and interests and make an #introduction post *before* sending Follow requests.

This info will make it much more likely for others to follow you back and connect you with others.

How can I drink a literal half-gallon of water and STILL have dry mouth from waking up this morning???

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Nextcloud 24 was released a month ago and so, I updated my tutorial on how to install it on Debian 11!

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Looks like a pretty good resource to check if some hardware you're interested in works with #Linux:

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To all #Gamers out there especially those that are either #Windows only or those that Dualboot to #Win, here is a proposal:
Make a 'challenge' for yourself or together with your friends and switch to #Linux on your #gaming machine for at least around 6 months.
Why? Since the release of the #SteamDeck is in the near future and #Valve is pushing Anti-Cheat systems to run on Linux through #Wine/#Proton it seems to be a good opportunity to give Linux a try, also it could help giving Linux more momentum and impact and eventually this will also help with the #ChickenEggProblem

Feel free to share this #post or even better make your own #toot or #tweet etc about this

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*slaps roof of cat* look at this baby purr

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If you actually support Amber Heard you can just block me now.

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