> false advertising
> fraud
> security breaches
> Facebook


Another thing is that previously I was sending some fedi posts in *private* chat with my friends and they got blocked as well.

@huy_ngo they're getting scared of the fediverse, good stuff!

@huy_ngo Send this to RMS, if he posts about it on his site, send the link to The Guardian 🤣

@thorn @huy_ngo There are a lot of other reports of this, too. Not many as clear-cut as that though.

@huy_ngo They claim it is spam, which is isn't. They are blacklisting links to their competitor. Would a judge agree that this link really is spam?

@mplammers It is certainly not a spam. Also, a text explaining Mastodon has been omitted from this deletion notice, which made it looks like I just posted the link.

@huy_ngo @mplammers

John Goerzen and Joey Hess would be in agreement that there's no spam involved.. this trended yesterday on HN:


@humanetech @mplammers Oh I was about to make the same post 😅 I guess a bit duplication wouldn't hurt.

@huy_ngo @humanetech They are now openly suppressing content about us. Perhaps they are also doing it quietly.

@humanetech @huy_ngo @yhancik Also observe the quick replies saying it's a filter issue. Could be. I was thinking something along the lines of the thing recently. Something else is however suggested when both Twitter and Facebook are involved. It's too early to tell, as most of the examples trickling in are currently from Facebook.


A more accusatory blog post may be in order now e.g. "Confirmed: Facebook censors Mastodon".

That'd be a trending entry on HN, if the arguments / examples are sound.

@huy_ngo @yhancik

@mplammers @humanetech @yhancik It *could* be an automatic thing. However, consider that they don't let us appeal, I deem that a user-hostile action regardless.

Also: fosstodon.org/@huy_ngo/1069181 ML decision is never to be trusted, and I believe people at FB are smart enough to realize that. An unappellable removal like this seems deliberate to me.


In my opinion, if their tools do it, then they do it. Cannot hide behind the tool, and should at least provide a public explanation. The still, the mere fact that these 'unfortunate accidents' happen so easily is something that'll interest regulators.

@mplammers @yhancik

@humanetech @huy_ngo @mplammers @yhancik if you're interested in a twitter shadowban example, see the bottom of tfardet.srht.site/various/soci
This has been going on for more than a year

@tfardet @humanetech @huy_ngo @yhancik Thank you, good write up.

In my book a shadowban (a la reddit) goes further, also hiding the invisibility from the target as well as their followers.

In this case it is not done in a hidden way, as the posts are tombstoned publicly. (I can also see the "This tweet is not available." replacements)

While shadowbans would be worse, not being available for challenging these removals is at least as shady.


I recently coined the really subtle forms - where the AI algorithms determine your content's exposure to others - as "shadow suppression".

@tfardet @huy_ngo @yhancik

@humanetech @tfardet @huy_ngo @yhancik That's a good description indeed. Too bad we can't even begin to discover how much of that is happening on each of these platforms.


Indeed. I have the nagging feeling that my humane tech posts on linkedin are suppressed, but there's no way to tell.

@tfardet @huy_ngo @yhancik

Can you see them from the initial post? That used to not be the case, only Nitter showed that something was missing. Can you see the posts if you enter its URL directly?
@humanetech @huy_ngo @yhancik

@tfardet I only checked Nitter. I hate visiting Twitter and deleted my account there.

@mplammers ok, that's why you thought it was no shadowban: using twitter you don't see the missing posts, there's no notice

@tfardet It's worse than I thought then. Someone else here described them edit out the tweet itself, leaving just the link, making it look more like spam.

I hope it was clear that my interpretation of the word shadow ban is no notification, not to followers, not to the author. If you hold another interpretation of the word I can't blame you.

Wikipedia describes shadow bans as being not immediately apparent to the user:

@mplammers yup, exactly, the only way to notice it on twitter is to use Nitter on the thread

@huy_ngo Welcome to monopoly :) Would a tinyurl be blocked as well? (I don't have a FB account for testing)

@wwwgem I just start the deletion procedure now so I can't test either, but iirc shortened links are blocked way before that, which I deem a not-so-unreasonable decision.

@huy_ngo sent in FB messenger? And the messages disappeared or were blocked? Interesting.

@fedops It just doesn't send with a notice saying something along "This message can't be sent". I'm experimenting it many times enough to be sure it is not a network issue.

@huy_ngo wow, that is really dystopian.😡 Thankfully I got the one contact I care about off of FB messenger so...

@huy_ngo Truthfully, I don't really understand everyone's obsession with Facebook (or Twitter, Microsoft, or <Insert-Big-Company-Here>).

@bpepple because it negatively affects their lives. And given their scale, the number of the affected is large.

@huy_ngo They are *choosing* to use that service. If they don't like the rules the company has, don't use it. There are plenty of alternative platforms/OS's.

@huy_ngo my only experience with Facebook is via a screen scraping rss feed for the "group"(?) of my home village

In that, I mainly see pictures of dog poop and people complaining about dog poop

I assume other Facebook posts are of a similar content quality


We should not be worried about facebook . ticktok , youtube etc, they are set up for commercialisation

What we should concentrate on is creating, building and improving these alternative to all that. We have that, with peertube, pixel fed and here on Mastodon etc.

We are doing this of course.

Of course if facebook et al start to threaten us then we should take action in self defense of our right to privacy.

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