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Fediverse, how do you point people to your PGP keys securely?

My Mastodon instance does not enable local (and federated) feed, so boosts are extremely appreciated!

Ugh still can't ditch FB. How comes it is *the* de facto communication channel?

Image: cringy meme

I must say for a search engine, Elasticsearch has a rather bad document search.

OK embedding mdbook in a static site seems to be a terrible idea 🤪

Is PS/2 keyboard/mouse still a thing?

Hey :python: users, @mcsinyx is creating a decentralized Python packages distribution, with pre-resolved package dependency much like a Linux distro repository. The project needs help with package declaration, currently for those listed in

Any help is appreciated 🙏

Project link:

> When examples call for light coding, we use Python, a highly readable, imperative language that looks and feels like pseudocode. You don’t need to know Python to followalong (just pretend we’re writing pseudocode).

Ah yes, Python, the pseudo-pseudocode

Hot take: line wrapping sucks, readers should be wrapping lines themselves and not the writers.

Why do mailing list archives have to be unreadable on phone?

Florisboard somehow broke again. Fortunately I have a debug version installed before the update that causes this unreliability.

For some reason, my desktop *only* works well when I really need it. No more Alpine packaging today.

Knowing I can't persuade my family to move to alternative IM services (matrix or xmpp) without proper l10n, I'm still not motivated enough to do it.

Kudos to the Vietnamese translator who translated toot as tút :)
Funny because that's what many people already called FB posts that.

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Oh the irony, @huy_ngo, that the blogspam uses Google Analytics. Here is the original article:

I must have gotten sick because of the lack of sleeping.
*proceeds to stay up late*

What do you write in your mailing list subscription mail? The funnier the better

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