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Hi fedi, I am going to write a guide to choose a fediverse instance. If you're on a public one, can you review it? Some hint questions, but don't feel limited by them:

- Is the local timeline active?
- Are people friendly?
- What topic do people often talk about?
- Is there a diversity in points of view or or do you feel more like an echo chamber?
- Anything noteworthy not in the about page?

Boost appreciated

(See also my notice below)

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Mais... c'est déjà jeudi et vous n'avez pas encore eu votre dose de Khryspresso ?
On vous le tient au chaud à votre table habituelle, sur le blog

Framacafé de la Rache offert par Pouhiou (CC-0)

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👿 The Biggest #DataBreach

Real-Time Bidding

On average, a person in the U.S. has their online activity and location exposed 747 times every day

4,698 companies are allowed by #Google to receive RTB data about people in the U.S.

Europeans and U.S. Internet users’ private data is sent to firms across the globe, including to Russia and China, without any means of controlling what is then done with the data

cc @EDPS @ombudsman

#Privacy #SurveillanceCapitalism #BigTech

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Once again, I must
ask that you adopt a more
civil tone, user

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selfhosting with:

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I don't know why, but of all the fediverse options I've tried to be involved with, peertube has been the toughest. I have little luck ever finding videos I want to watch, the one instance I signed up to last year cannot seem to access or interact with any other instances, and when I search new instances that focus on "music," "art", "Creativity," etc, I click the link and inevitably, all I see are either political videos, or "radiocasts" (which is the bane of twitch "music streaming"). ?

is there a config to set a minimum width/height for popup windows on bspwm?

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The Thunderbird team is growing! We're looking for a few experienced engineers -- who love open source and open standards -- to help us take Thunderbird to even greater heights!


All of our current openings are remote, full-time positions. See all the details and learn how to apply here:

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Does anyone know how change the default Sans typeface in a Ubuntu based operating system?

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It's Live! 🚀 :ablobcathappypaws:

Free Git & CI/CD hosting for everyone!

Currently 6 build servers using

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Shork is a blåhaj who likes to swim in the Atlantic ocean and eat fish. You can follow at:

➡️ @shork

Shork is from, a server for people who own at least one Ikea blåhaj.

#Shork #blåhaj #blahaj #StevenShork #Shark #Ikea #Animals #Fun

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@puniko Wait until web developers push for JavaScript in emails. Only then we'll see true horrors like Progressive Mail Apps and `node_modules` in your inbox.
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WTF Lenovo?

I am still learning English so I guess my understanding of the word "permanent" is a bit skewed. But still, WTF?

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Things I just noticed on @kev 's blog. He's got a circle K emblem much like Circle K stores here in the US and his hamburger menu looks like a real hamburger.

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Remember to indent your code by negative four spaces

class HelloWorld {
public static void main(String[] args) {
"Hello, World!"

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Obviously, the main shortcoming of the Scratch development ecosystem is the lack of a robust cryptography library.

Until now!

Here's x25519 ECDH key exchange, blake2s hashing, and ChaCha20-Poly1305 AEAD - in Scratch
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Just a simple hello world program written in XPLS (eXtensible Programming Language Script):

<class name="HelloWorld">
<function name="main" visibility="public" functype="static">
<arg name="args" type="Array">
<inner type="String" />
<return type="null" />
<call path="System.out.println">
<String>Hello World!</String>

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