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“In Defense of ‘Reply-All’”, a haiku by Ateriath:

Please just reply-all.
If you reply to just me,
Only I can help.

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Biden and Harris represent the imperialist white ruling class of America, that cannot imagine a future without police, prisons & privatisation. How hard is it to acknowledge this and understand that trump leaving office is not a victory of any sort??

For the liberals: very hard.

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After the horror of the 9/11 attacks, many Americans acquiesced in the face of any policy that promised to keep them safe.

We got mass surveillance, deadly foreign wars, state-sanctioned torture, and the incompetent Department of Homeland Security.

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USpol free-speech deplatforming :firefoxnew: 

Incendiary title, great reasons. Mozilla makes a good point.

Could it be possible that Latin America will finally discover alternatives to with the ToS situation?

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Poor Mark was upset about the *country wide* mob violence that was actually organized on his own platform because he and his management team refuse to enforce the TOS on right wing groups. Poor Mark. Then he shut discussions about the coup attempt down too…
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La RAE y la dan a conocer las doce palabras del año en el universo hispanohablante, una relación de las palabras más significativas de este 2020, de acuerdo con el contexto nacional y global. Descúbralas aquí:


LOSARM is a most annoying incurable one-time status effect where the MC loses health with every step taken and is unable to do anything in battle because he's had his arm bitten off and he's bleeding out.

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Megami Tensei 1 (SNES) was a ride. It had such a tough starting point, and then there were the enemies that drained actual levels and the instakill attacks. It took me a while, but it's finished now.

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Brazil was flooded with misinformation about the coronavirus this year, and two students fought it.

Fearing legal action or worse, they've left their city behind and are revealing their identities.

Twitter gave away their personal data to one of the biggest fake news mogul in the country. Their home address was published, along with calls inciting the right wing masses against them.

This is a story about them, and about Brazil in 2020.

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Amnesty International: "With 131 votes in favor, 117 votes against and 6 abstentions, the Lower House has approved a bill to legalize abortion in #Argentina.
Now the Senate must vote in favor of girls, women and others who can become pregnant to make free decisions about their bodies. #AbortoLegal2020

[:tw: #news #bot]

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You know an RPG is extreme when random enemies can steal your levels.

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Plus simple : on arrête de travailler et l'ADEME nous file notre rémunération actuelle.


L’ a publié une infographie donnant des conseils pour « télétravailler léger », autrement dit, limiter et réduire son emprunte carbone.

Sinon, prenez une offre 56k et surfez comme en 2000 😅😬


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