Should I have my matrix account on or another instance ?
I have seen some people online complaining about the official instance, is it valid criticism ?

@aeris Mais c'est que ca devient de plus en plus croustillant cette histoire avec Darty 👀

Is using matrix worth it ?
I've been trying to find a proper replacement for discord to start using little by little instead of discord, but I've heard some people complaining about matrix.

@proactiveservices I already reported it to google, and all the others link were already dead.
And of course I marked it as spam on protonmail

Just commissioned a friend for a new profile picture and it is now finished :D

@5uie1 For the ssh key per service, I only do that when the key needs to be shared afterwards, example, continuous integration

@5uie1 I use the same PGP keypair everywhere.
The only keys which I have multiple of is ssh keys, one per machine, and sometimes one per services

This Is the Data Facebook Gave Police to Prosecute a Teenager for Abortion

Cancel it. Delete your account. Help your friends delete theirs. Abandon that dumpster fire.

@asier Having dynmap on a separate nginx can be pretty shit to setup.
There is a tutorial on the dynmap GitHub wiki, but it is close to unusable with containers (Which I use)
If you need help I have the configs for it

@poggers69420pogchamplmaololpog I use Husky, because it is the first one I took that looked nice, and I have never changed since I had no problems and it looks quite nice

@lamp I will post about it later today, it's not that great and mostly my fault

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