So I have almost spent a week at my new university in the Netherlands. And I am really surprise of what they make student learn and at which rate.

For example, I have a class introducing to functionnal programming (Even though I have already done quite a bunch) and they only talked about the fact that there are no loops in elm... That took them a week, wtf.

In algorithm class they started with Big-O notation (ofc they would) but then spent multiple hours on how sorting numbers work (Not some interesting algorithms, just bubble, quick, and mergesort)

And even in math where I am really shit at the class is really easy, we just did the basics of graph theory and it took us already multiple hours.


At my school in France this kind of stuff would have all been done in a day, is that the normal way universities work ??

@huntears There's a lot to know about algorithmic complexity. See CLRS for the gory details. Perhaps it's covered in greater depth at university than it was in school?

@markusl No it's just that they spend a lot of time on specific stuff to make sure the whole class understands everything, but they go again and again on the same stuff and it makes everything repetitive

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