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Is anyone doing plaintext accounting? I recently started with Ledger and I'm enjoying it so far.

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"I will slaughter you" - some emails penetrate even my thick open source maintainer skin. Like this threat.

Do you use the classic buttons (hardware or software) or gestures on your Android device?

"Facebook has blocked Australians from accessing and sharing news in protest at a new law which would have forced the site to pay for the content it hosts."

@willdaly I have some feedback regarding your website.

1. There's no contact information. Perhaps someone wants to leave some feedback. Hmm.. ;)
2. Your feed doesn't publish the whole content.

Can anyone explain to
me why it's
a good idea to hard
wrap lines in
email messages? For
me it just gets
annoying to read.

Why can't the
reader let their email
client format the

Is Google effectively killing most (if not all?) webfeed readers on their application store with their recent policy?

I've been looking at security keys like the Solo V2, but it looks like my email provider doesn't support (and never will support) anything other than their utterly crappy 2FA with a 4 digit PIN and a random 6 digit sequence[1].

If only there was some other service as good as Fastmail, but with humane prices.


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Good news guys! Twitter could be looking to launch THE FIRST EVER decentralized social network. It's about time someone did this...

It looks like has managed to block all access from @mullvadnet via Wireguard as well (as OpenVPN) now.

It's a swedish grocery store.. What are they accomplishing by doing that, other then making themselves look really stupid? I bet they think they're being safe from all cyber criminals now..

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Heads up #Fediverse

@k9mail is looking for funding to maintain their popular #android mail app. #k9mail hopes to raise €1,000 p/w on #liberapay to be able to work fulltime on the project.

Apparently I'm living in 1995 for not wanting an RGB puke show in my terminal emulator. Since when is it wrong (or not enough) with using the standard 16 colours?

I started over with my kernel config from scratch. It went from 55 min, to 16 min and now only 10 minutes to compile the kernel. It's also considerably smaller in size. :)

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