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I got some stickers for @iokeyboards today. They have a little 'thank you' note on the backside and they'll be included with every orders.

Considering how Gigabyte have handled the recent situation with their exploding power supplies, I can say for sure that this old Gigabyte fanboy is *never* going to buy a single thing from Gigabyte again.

Mistakes happens and that's fine as long as you take responsibility for it. Not taking responsibility for their own mistakes, lying and blaming others is not the way to go if you want any customers.

I tried Splitgate yesterday. I really enjoyed it! I did pretty good as well, even though I haven't played any shooter games in years.

Is anyone here playing it?

What do you think the text "powered by open source" on a PCB means?

I rarely customize anything these days, so I thought I would share some older screenshots instead.

This is a screenshot with Android 2.1. I'm displaying a theme called Suavesque that I ported for the custom ROM that I was running at the time.

Feel free to recommend me a good hashtag to share old screenshots under.

So.. I'm back with qutebrowser again. While Firefox is a shiny web browser with even shinier addons, it still lacks a lot of the important features that I like with qutebrowser.

I still dislike QtWebEngine and all, but it's the option that sucks the least for me. :)

Gentoo turns 21 years old today (26/7). Happy birthday to Gentoo!

I would also like to show my appreciation for all of you who's involved in the project (developers and contributors) for making one of the best Linux based operating systems out there.

Thank you!

Here's a decade old screenshot with Android. I was running MIUI with my own SuaveHD icon theme. It was the good old days when extensive customizing your phone was still doable, easy and fun.

This is a 14 year old desktop screenshot with Ubuntu, GNOME 2 and Beryl. I think it still holds up pretty good if I may say so myself. :)

Because I already have almost no free time, I decided it was a good idea spending it on rewriting all my Bash scripts into POSIX compliant sh scripts.

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There's only six days left for the EnjoyPBT Scandi keycaps groupbuy! If you don't want to miss out on a really cool set of keycaps, it's about time to place an order.

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