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What should one say (and reply) to someone who refuses to publish anything but excerpts in their web feed?

Electric doors on the Tesla seems like a good idea, especially when the car is on fire and the owner wants to get out, but can't because the car is on fire.

Because I already have almost no free time, I decided it was a good idea spending it on rewriting all my Bash scripts into POSIX compliant sh scripts.

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There's only six days left for the EnjoyPBT Scandi keycaps groupbuy! If you don't want to miss out on a really cool set of keycaps, it's about time to place an order.

FOSS Browser seems like a good alternative to Firefox on Android.

I remember the days when Android was smaller in size than this application alone. This is getting out of hand.

I'm trying out @tut today. It has come a long time since the last time I tried it. It's actually a solid client now, and a good complementary client to toot for me.

This is one of the best looking home office setup I've seen, if you don't mind that hideous keyboard.

"Work From Home Office Makeover & Desk Setup Tour 2021" —

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Hey guys. I posted a while ago about an icon pack that I'm working on.

I have an apk for ya'll! 😄
You can download it here:

The dashboard being used is Blueprint:

You'll probably notice that the app is basically using factory settings (it doesn't even have an icon yet); that'll be updated in the future as I just want to get some icon requests going right now.

Windows 11 will only support 8th gen Intel (released in 2017) or newer, AMD Ryzen 2000 (released in 2018) or newer and 2nd gen AMD EPYC server chips (released in 2019) or newer.

Microsoft is also requiring a front-facing camera for all Windows 11 devices, except desktop PCs from January 2023.

Not only is Microsoft now one of the worst unsustainable and biggest e-waste companies, they're now also one of the biggest creeps with no ethics or moral.

Is the year of the Linux coming for real now?

I installed Baikal today, but the adress to use for my client is nowhere to be found. Does anyone now? I find it annoying that the documentation doesn't mention this at all.

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Hey guys,

here is the (unofficial) information that the #blabber #xmpp server will be shut down soon.
It is anounced on

- a relocation of the server is impossible.
- Please migrate all your accounts and contacts to other servers.
You can find a list of servers e.g. here:

Important: The app (formerly Pix-Art) is not affected!

Please share, because it seems there was/will be no server message!


@codeberg You should really reconsider the idea to put archive source links behind JavaScript.

It disables users who uses the keyboard for navigation or any impaired user who's unable to use a pointing device and/or JavaScript.

Also. A user shouldn't have to view the source code of the website to find an actual URL to the file.

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