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Twenty four years later and this song holds up really well.

"Guano Apes - Open Your Eyes"

I added quite the few video content creators to my bookmarks.

I just got rather nostalgic about DeviantArt. I really miss their old website that they had multiple versions ago when I started visiting their website two decades ago.

The 'modern' version is unfortunately just a pile of bloated turds that turns any device into a hot toaster. It just kills the fun of even trying to visit the website today.

Anyway. Here's a nostalgic article about the history of DeviantArt:

The issue with WeeChat has been resolved. All posts about it from me has been removed. It's all good now.

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We've all appreciated those award-winning commercials worthy of every bit of praise, but we also got our fair share of dreadful ads. Soon we will release an on/off-button for Ad-blocking in our app (beta out any day now). Until then, do this if you please:

Add and test any or all of these DNS servers under advanced settings and give us your feedback: – for Ad-blocking – for Tracker blocking – for Ad + Tracker blocking

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We're now an official vendor for the upcoming groupbuy of the EnjoyPBT Scandi keycaps. It starts next month, so keep your wallets ready!

My Freenode would have been a teenager this summer. :)

>NickServ (NickServ@services.): User reg. : Jul 19 08:51:05 2008 (12y 44w 6d ago)

How old are your account?

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After a sudden hostile (and/or grossly incompetent) takeover by Freenode tonight, the #qutebrowser IRC channel is now on - I urge other projects to do the same sooner rather than later, as long as you can still tell your users about it.

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Apologies for the 600+ users still on #weechat @ freenode, the channel has been "stolen" by the new hostile admins, after 18 years of presence. "Thank you for using freenode" they say…
You are welcome as soon as possible on!

It looks like Freenode just committed suicide with their new act of removing channels that's considered "abandoned" and topics that informs their users that the channel has moved to a new server. This is apparently a "violation of freenode policy".

>This channel has moved to #. The topic is in violation of freenode policy:

This is now the case for all channels like and .

I tried to give freenode a fair chance, but this is too much.

@stemid Hur kommer det sig att du tog bort kontot för Säkerhetspodden?

My favourite web browser for Android is Privacy Browser, and it's now coming to Linux and Windows!

Just like qutebrowser (my favourite web browser on the desktop), it's going to be using the Qt framework and the Qtwebengine as the engine.

Well. It was fun as long as it lasted. I guess I won't be around the Gentoo IRC channels anymore.

"Gentoo IRC presence moving to Libera Chat"

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From now on, our PCBs will ship with the VIA firmware[1] by default.

VIA enables real time programming of the PBC without any knowledge about how to either compile code or flashing it to the PCB. It's all point and click via a simple GUI friendly software.

If you prefer the QMK firmware[2], you're also most likely an advanced user and you then know how to do that yourself.


"The panic over freenode isn’t justified and its reaction mostly disproportionate"

Do I know someone who have an account at Wikipedia? I found a rather alarming facts issue in one of the articles there. I would like some help correcting it.

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