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Angry post concerning cryptocurrency and the climate catastrophe 

So miners are buying and firing up closed fossil-fuled power plants now?

Can we stop this fscking madness now, please? 😡

The day I'm forced to use Rust with the Linux kernel is the day I'm leaving Linux.

Which of these layouts do you like the most for a numpad/macropad?

(Don't mind what's on the keys, that's all programmable and can be anything you like)

I'm getting more and more annoyed with Nextcloud Notes. Slow synchronization, no synchronization and just recently I managed to delete my todo notes. I have no idea how that happened, all I wanted was to open the file.. The most resent version in "deleted files" is two days old..

It's a pretty application, but I'm not sure it's worth it anymore.

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It's not something I usually do, which you can probably tell. I made some mistakes, but I think it came out alright for being the first time toying with water colours.

Is anyone interested in any of these? They're all 1U R4, except for the Arch Linux keycap which is 1.25U R1.

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If I'm ever feeling lonely, I just start reading a book or working on a personal project. Someone is definitely going to need all my attention immediately then.

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Is this a joke that flew by my head? He's describing XMPP to the point, but there's no mention of XMPP in the article.

"What should the next chat app look like?"

@kottkrig Jag lyssnar på ert senaste avsnitt. Har ni kikat på @yunohost?

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Another keyboard... Actually my first project. DC60, lubed Zilents and Enjoypbt black on white keycaps. Sold the case recently, mixed feelings about that as it was my first beloved one.

The operating system of choice next to your username?

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I'm still using my blank PBT-keycaps that I bought about 4 years ago. I had no intention of buying something new, well.. that was until this pretty looking set turned up.. :D

My new domain for my website should be working now. :)

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