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Please reject amendment 171 and stop the plant-based censorship.

Can anyone recommend me a good lasercutting service in europe that cuts acrylic? It's unfortunately impossible to find one here in Sweden.

I'm looking forward to the spring and seeing some daylight while driving to work every day.

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In light of the recents events with Signal, I'm going to also delete my Signal account later today.

For those who don't know what happened, see this: (Archive:

"Alex Hutchinson, creative director at Google Stadia, has caused a storm by saying streamers should pay developers for playing their games."

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If you use your own kernel, what did you name it to and why?

I've been sick this weekend, so I spent some time on my own custom kernel. I'm not completely finished yet, but the time it takes to compile the kernel went from 55 minutes to 16 minutes. Which is not too bad considering the fact that my computer is 10 year old.

Not that it matters, but just for fun I had a look at the memory usage at boot. Before X, it used 19 MiB of RAM and with X and the i3 window manager it used 134 MiB. I seem to have issues with i3 though, as it used 33 MiB alone. Even with the memory leak, I guess 134 MiB is okay.

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XMPP for family is one of our favourite use-cases for Snikket! We try to make self-hosting as easy as possible, but do also understand there are various reasons this may not be feasible.

We're working on launching a hosted service for those that need it, and want a refuge from those messaging apps with shadier business models... 🕵🏻

"In a recent update, the Raspberry Pi Foundation installed a Microsoft apt repository on all machines running Raspberry Pi OS (previously known as Raspbian) without the administrator’s knowledge."

@samuel Cirka 215 riksdaler utan rabatt vill de ha. Jag kollade precis.

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