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@samuel Kollade du på domän hos Gandi? Jag betalar cirka 120 kr något för min .SE-domän, förvisso med min rabatt hos dem. :)

Sweden is so crazy about everything being vegan these days that some companies even puts the vegan label on nuts.

I listened to the latest WAN Show from Linus Tech Tips today, and Linus mentioned the fact that he doesn't invest his money into the stock market, because he consider that to be an unethical thing to do as an "influencer".

He also doesn't like people who Invest their money and let the money work for them. He values "hard work" and consider that to be adding true value to the world.

I generally consider Linus to be a bright person, so this surprised me a bit.

"Shodan reports over 85000 federating XMPP servers on port 5269 in total. Based on this, Prosody makes up 44% of the public XMPP network. That’s quite an achievement!"

On Alpine Linux, sudo takes up 1216 KiB of disk space, while doas uses only 44 KiB.

You know it's cold outside when there's ice crystals floating around in the air.

Can anyone explain to me what this new Mumble thingy[1] is? And what relation does it have to the old and known Mumble project[2]? I'm confused.


What are my options for a handheld reading device? It should be reasonable priced, decent screen with reasonable resolution for sharp text and handle the more common document formats, no DRM crap and it should be able to transfer files using USB (or something), and not some proprietary software.

I'm open for any type of device and suggestions.

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Is there someone here who happens to be knowledge about the swedish law and have maybe 30 minutes to spare for free? I have a couple of hopefully simple questions regarding sub-let.

I usually never ask for this; please boost. It's highly appreciated. Thanks!

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And last - related post for the evening....

I'm gonna be opening up a for just Fedi folks (and whoever else even finds it... 😆 ) here in the next week or so. Just have some last-minute configurations and security setup before I open it to the 'public'.

It'll be whitelisted just for sake of keeping griefers and rando's out.

So if you're interested in a chill, 90% vanilla Minecraft server that's open 24/7 to hang out with folks in... reply here or DM me. :)

I'm surprised that they allowed adblocking addons to begin with. I guess they wanted to capture the users in their walled garden before before closing the gates. :)

I saw a lynx in the wild for the first time today. I've seen pretty much every animal possible when growing up in the woods, but I have never seen a lynx before. It was pretty cool! :)

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