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Nice milestone: @notion 4 is now available in Debian unstable, and no longer needs to be in the non-free section!

Thanks to Dima Kogan for doing the bulk of the work here.

"All the best, happiest, and most creatively productive times in my life have something in common: being disconnected."

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The more sophisticated adblocking for qutebrowser that's using Brave's Rust adblocker has now been merged into master.

It's when you make your own soap that you realize how little soap it is in the soap you buy, even in the expensive soap as well.

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I just placed an order on 50 circuit boards with the Aves 65. This version also features USB-C. This is exiting!

Is it possible to disable all drivers via the configuration file when configuring a kernel? I can't find any information about it.

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I am sorry that this happens to her. I would not have expected this behaviour from the @fsfe and I am shocked.
I am waiting for a response of them or Matthias @kirschner.

That’s not what I thought the FSFE stands for.

"I took FSFE to court" by malinagalina

I just ordered some TX switch films, Durock 55g gold plated springs, clear Durock screw-in stabilizers with gold plated wires and some stabilizer foam stickers. It's hopefully good stuff and something I will offer in my own store later.

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is a .

Anarch is a first person 2D raycasted shooter game (like Wolfenstein 3D) where the player fights against a monopolistic technology corporation. The game uses a simple, dependencyless software rendering and game engine supporting levels with steps, many enemies, pickups, and more. Anarch is very cross platform, supporting virtually any system with a C compiler.

Website 🔗️:

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Did you know that has a directory? It's currently the best way to see who's streaming. Kind of like going to the homepage and browsing.

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Hello, Fediverse! We're Mullvad VPN, a provider that believes that you have a right to privacy.

#introductions #introductions #privacy #vpn #newhere

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@hund Thanks for the recommendation. I received very competent answers to all my questions and today I received my tlsense-i3. Maybe a little overkill but who knows what will be needed in the future

I'm a customer at Mailbox and I'm happy with them, if you don't mind their horrible settings panel. :)

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