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I'm worried that no one in mainstream media seems to be talking about Apples hardware-verified secure boot and macOS run-time protections.

Apple is one of many dangerous companies out there that's posing a threat to our freedom and our democracy, as they normalize a malicious behavior that slowly leads us to a sinister future.

Can anyone recommend me a good text editor for Android that supports Markdown syntax highlighting and Vim folds? The last one is not an requirement, but it would be a neat bonus.

I'm currently using Nextcloud Notes to sync and edit my notes on my phone, but I'm tired of how it too often manages to overwrite my changes from the computer.

This router is using a Banana Pi with a new open source operating system called Fengg. It's seems like a neat home router for a decent price.

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There's progress, but it's slow. The first laser cutting company didn't live up to my expectations and I eventually got tired of waiting. I then decided to try to find another one.

I eventually found one and I'm now making progress. The new company is currently waiting for some of the missing materials to complete my order, but they at least had this teaser image for my second prototype case today.

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We feel your pain. There is a booklet by #EDRi with a free PDF that you can use to spread the word about ethical web development:

We made an updated German translation of it called „Faire Websites“. Get hardcopies or the free PDF here:

#EthicalWebDev #FaireWebsites /c

I would like to link to this article, but they just list content straight up on the front page without any way of sharing or bookmarking it.

The website:

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I often complain about how the web has turned into a bloated mess. I think I just found a clue to this mystery in this article:

"How to Build a Website in 2020: Complete Step-by-Step Guide"

In the article you can read this:

"I’ve been building websites for over ten years […]"

So. After more than 10 years of building websites, his knowledge comes down to this:

"There are two ways you can build a website. The first option is to use a website builder […]

The second way is to use WordPress."

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I deleted some abandoned accounts from my list of followers. It now say I have 0 followers even though I did not (obviously) remove everyone? What's up with that?

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Working on it! Modernization work is going on across a range of clients, and we are building docs for client devs at If you see specific ecosystem-wide issues that need addressing, feel free to raise them there!

Regarding branding, see @snikket_im which is aiming to provide a simple friendly brand for modern XMPP clients on all platforms and an easy-to-run server optimised for them. Only official client is Android right now, but iOS coming soon 👷
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And people don't understand why I don't fancy Matrix.

"At this moment we are left with only a handfull of users, but still the amount of resources that are used is unacceptably big: our current Matrix server happily consumes about 5GB of RAM (database ram usage not counted), and takes 170GB of database storage. We find this a tremendous waste of resources [...]"

Me and my partner found 2,8 kilos of funnel chanterelle in the woods today.

I'm looking forward to this in qutebrowser.

"WIP: More sophisticated adblocking using Brave's Rust adblocker"

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Any mechanical keyboard users here on ? Current daily driver is my Keychron K2 with Gateron Red switches and HK Gaming PBT keycaps.

It's fun that people still favourite my old Conky configuration that I uploaded more than 13 years ago. :)

Would it be annoying for an EU store to show their prices in SEK rather than Euro?

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Can anyone recommend me alternatives to WooCommerce? I've been struggling with it for some time now and it's a piece of crap that drives me nuts.

I can't even setup basic shipping rules with it and the pricing with VAT is a blody mess..

Shopify looks nice but 30 USD per month and then 2% on all sales is almost criminal.

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