@celia Well.. I just switched to Gandi. :D I had no plans on doing so, but it turns out they have added a bunch of features since the last time I tried them.

I have my domains there so it's already something I'm paying for.

@merkaba Gandi is great, I've been using them for years. Their email service is really good as well.


You'll get a 75% off a Simple Hosting S+ pack and 20% off the purchase or transfer of a domain name with that link.

I found an actual use for my old Go sticker. We can now use this second-hand bought birthday card for a little girl who turns 4 years old soon.

It's perhaps the first time I've had any use of the Go language. :D

@Jase @celia @iah Holy cow. A lot has happened with the Gandi email service since I last tried it. They even sport 2FA and filters now!

@Jase @celia @iah Thanks! I'm already a customer at Gandi with discounts (I'm a Ubuntu member). :)

I should probably look into trying out their email service since I'm already a customer there.

Here's a decade old screenshot with Android. I was running MIUI with my own SuaveHD icon theme. It was the good old days when extensive customizing your phone was still doable, easy and fun.


@iah @celia I would say 3 euro per month if it's a really good service.

@gruffymax Go Jekyll! I've been using it a few years now. :)

@celia @iah I use Nextcloud for that. There's also Radicale if you want something more lightweight without all the extra that Nextcloud adds.

@ash110 How about the AMD Athlon 3000G with built in graphics? The other one uses some FM2 socket, so good luck finding a motherboard for it if you want/need to replace it.

@cooper @kev I recently helped my grandma with her Hotmail, or Outlook or whatever it's called now. I can relate to both being a mess.

They had forced her to use some priority inbox and what not. As a fairly knowledge computer user, I had actuall issues using their UI. It was difficult navigating and finding things.

I say that as a Mailbox.org, who have the worst possible crap UI ever.

@pimoore @kev Is that really a question? The answer feels rather obvious. :)

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