@frankstrater @selea It works if you give her reasons why you think it's a good idea based on your values. :)

@frankstrater @selea You should always endorse the most ethical alternativt. :)

@projectmoon @turtle21 I haven't had any issues with my phones not knowing where I am without any Google services.

I have also used applications for years without any Google services and some "notification server" from LineageOS and I haven't had any issues with not having any notifications.

@turtle21 What is video relay applications?

"Find my phone" seems like it would increase the attack surface a lot for very little added value.

If some developer choose to rely on Google for notifications, which is stupid, and if you then use a Google free phone you can't complain about it not working. You should bitch on the developer for making poor choices in life. :)

@projectmoon @turtle21 1. They don't ship a store for security reasons.
2. What is network location?
3. Push notifications works.

@turtle21 What are you missing from Ios with GrapheneOS?

@thumb Artix Linux. It's like Arch Linux but with a sane init system. I think that they support both OpenRC and S6.

@Citizenzibb @esparta What the article say is this: This is a case of poor security, good old phishing and some hacking.

There's nothing new to report here and there's nothing to be worried about, other than how some people (especially governments) lack common sense in regards to technology and security, but we write it in a way that it sounds very dramatic and bla bla to make people worried.

We all know that scary stories is what's selling the best.

@Igorjagec That's a Google AMP website. Isn't there a link to the website itself?

@rzg Welcome!

You can migrate your followers, but you can't migrate the ones you're following.

@kiri @nikluz No web feed is a deal breaker for me. How am I supposed to follow anyone without a web feed?

I have high hopes for PeerTube. It looks like they not promising alternative because of its features and how it solves the bandwidth issue.

@bady @thumb There's wifi chips that works just fine with the libre Linux kernel.

@johan @joacim Både jag och tjejen trodde att det hette vikingchips ända till Joacim pratade om dem nu. :|

@nipos @mike @strypey @arghyadeep @selea I don't have issues with Prosody. I've only been self-hosting for about 4-5 years though. I've been using other services for about a decade before that without any issues.

With that said. I know that my girlfriend sometimes have issues with Monal on her Iphone though—using my server—but I'm pretty sure that's not my fault as it doesn't happens for me or anyone I know.

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Don't get shamed into disabling your adblocker to "support creators".
Ads pay so little, it really doesn't matter.
If you want to do the financial support, just donate to them. That is the equivalent of multiple thousand ad views.

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