I found an actual use for my old Go sticker. We can now use this second-hand bought birthday card for a little girl who turns 4 years old soon.

It's perhaps the first time I've had any use of the Go language. :D

Here's a decade old screenshot with Android. I was running MIUI with my own SuaveHD icon theme. It was the good old days when extensive customizing your phone was still doable, easy and fun.


This is a 14 year old desktop screenshot with Ubuntu, GNOME 2 and Beryl. I think it still holds up pretty good if I may say so myself. :)

I remember the days when Android was smaller in size than this application alone. This is getting out of hand.

I'm trying out @tut today. It has come a long time since the last time I tried it. It's actually a solid client now, and a good complementary client to toot for me.


I've heard about the tiny house movement, but this was news to me.

I just got rather nostalgic about DeviantArt. I really miss their old website that they had multiple versions ago when I started visiting their website two decades ago.

The 'modern' version is unfortunately just a pile of bloated turds that turns any device into a hot toaster. It just kills the fun of even trying to visit the website today.

Anyway. Here's a nostalgic article about the history of DeviantArt: deviantart.com/bradleysays/jou

This is my semi-temporary desk setup. There's nothing special about it.

The space is limited and I currently have a small and cheap desk from Ikea. When we move to a house, we're also getting ourself an office space. Which I'm really looking forward to.

I'm also going to make a proper desk stand, someday.

And here's some information about my battlestation: hund.tty1.se/my-battlestation

Spring swap and applying of switch films. It's at least not more tedious than lubricating switches.

I did a thing for me, that was delivered today. I'll build it later this weekend.

It's a rather simple and affordable case that I'll eventually sell via @iokeyboards.

It's apparently been 10 years since I switched to my first tilling window manager. I haven't looked back ever since.

I started out with wmfs and later switched to i3 about 7 years ago.


I received my Durock switches and stabilizers today. :)

Is anyone interested in any of these? They're all 1U R4, except for the Arch Linux keycap which is 1.25U R1.

The self-scanning devices on ICA (Swedish grocery store) apparently runs Android.

The worlds manliest screwdriver. Keyboard switch for scale.

It was included with the external storage cabinet that I bought before.

I found my old Montana Cans keychain. It's closer to 20 years old and it has seen some wear and tear for sure. :)

Graffiti merchandise was not common here back then, so I remember being proud to get my hands on it.

I made this today. It's my first attempt to start drawing regularly again, and not one doodle every two years or so.

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