I just bought a set of DUROCK silent linear switches with 62g springs from a keyboard friend. Let's hope they're worth their premium price!

It's not stupid if it works!

I didn't realize I forgot to order stabilizers until now.

If I only had some switches, I could actually use this prototype now.

(This is not the final look, it will have an acrylic middle layer as well.)

I deleted some abandoned accounts from my list of followers. It now say I have 0 followers even though I did not (obviously) remove everyone? What's up with that?

@Tusky Why is all my filters gone? I had like a billion of them. :(

Can anyone explain to me why the text on this vector image is not equally aligned on my phone? It looks good both in Inkscape and the web browser on my computer.

I had some bananas going bad so I made chocolate banana cake.

It was probably the least healthy thing I could make out of bananas though. :D

I made a few extra decals just in case I end up with a new computer.

And in case you missed the first decal, this is where I installed it: hunden.linuxkompis.se/2020/03/

This is so far the best cola I have tried. It's an organic cola from Denmark.

What's your favourite?

My Android phone. It's Lawnchair with some wallpaper from Unsplash.

This is some real enjoyable weather to work in. They say that tomorrow is going to be even hotter.

Twenty three years later and it's still one of my favourite albums.

We made peanut butter fudge blondies yesterday. Yum!

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