Speaking of Android. When did it become this bloated? It's about 4 times larger than my operating system on my computer..

@hund Well, maybe you need a clean reinstall. I did it one month ago and my Android 11 is 7.6GB, not light but not 18GB...

@hund I mean your desktop OS is Gentoo so... doesn't say a whole a lot. Still though, I didn't know Android was that large. It's onpar with Windows.

@person It's about the size as my installation with Arch, when I used that. It's not like I'm comparing it with my other computer with Alpine. :P

@hund Could it be including the annoying irremovable apps in the total System size?

@Little__Ham That's probably true. I should install Lineage on this a long time ago. :/

@hund @Little__Ham Lineage isn't smaller though. And I don't even have GApps installed.

@telroy @hund If you've got a Pixel phone, CalyxOS clocks out at 13 GB System size... I guess Android really is that bloated

@telroy @Little__Ham Whoa.. I remember when the ROM file was 50 MB in size for Android.. :(

@hund curious. I am using Graphene and it uses 13 GB.

@hund I checked mine and it comes out at 20GB... The phone isn't even a year old...

@hund wild. I just checked my iPhone and it currently uses about 7 GB for the system and 4GB for “other”

@hund I've heard some/all recent Android phones actually have two system partitions for live updates. Maybe it's that?

@moddedBear @hund this is probably it. The two slots, and maybe a ton of cached and/or precompiled (ART) stuff.

@hund I think its just the root partition with a fixed size that cannot be accessed by the rest of the system

@hund unless a 900MB zip can expand itself to 20 gb

@hund Doesn't the system partition have a fixed size? It could be filled with all the pre-installed apps.

@samgai I'm pretty sure that they share the space these days, but I'm not sure.

@hund I remember downloading utility to remove "useless" files from MacOS, including ALL language files and getting instantly 5 gig of disk back. Maybe here is similar problem. You can switch your android phone into almost any language on earth on the go, they have all these files just in case.

System is bloated for sure. Lineage 18.1 here and it takes "only" 12 gig 😛

@hund What makes this even weirder, is that Android x86 live image (version 9.0) is only ~1G large!

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