This is a genuine and honest question regarding those who think that Apple care about their customers privacy: How do you defend the fact that they obsessively collect tons of data about their customers? How is that caring about their customers privacy? I genuinely fail to understand that logic.

@hund I don't think anyone cares. Not that it isn't a worthy topic to discuss, it's just they care *more* than Google. You're dealing with the 'lesser' of two evils. 🤷‍♂️

@nathand To add to this, Someone here on the Fediverse said that Apple provides better privacy from third parties, but not really privacy *from* Apple.

When compared to Google, at the very least Apple doesn't track you across the internet when using non-Apple products. Since Google is more of a services-first product, they tend to get a lot more data from users since they're pretty much always logged in and using search, Gmail, YouTube, etc and Google Analytics is on almost every website. However this point is mostly moot because even most Apple users use Google services.

That said, using iPhone without Google services is an okay trade off, but I think it's naive to think that Apple is a "privacy" company.


@ndanes that is exactly my view as well.

As opposed to Google, Apple's business model isn't based on selling their users.

@nathand @hund

@hund Apple has done a great job positioning themselves as a privacy and security focused mass consumer tech company. Especially after the San Bernardino / FBI case. Personally, I wasn't as concerned with the collection of my data since usage data is a core aspect of building great products, which is a tradeoff I made.

@kaidao You can't be privacy or security friendly company when your collect that amount of data about your users.

Saying you need that amount of data about your users to build a great product—or any product—is pure bullshit. No offense.

@hund No offense taken. I get it, which is why I’ve been trying to get out of any walled gardens. Like others mentioned, most people don’t care about companies collecting usage data, myself included before. And you asked why in your original post - the reason is because these usage statistics do help companies build intuitive, easy to use products that the mass majority people can and will adopt.

@hund as a recovering Apple fanboy, the thing that made me feel that Apple cared about privacy was the fact that they wouldn't help the FBI break into iPhones. It was easy for me to overlook the fact that they were collecting data or that their systems are as closed as they can be. They don't make money by showing me ads. They make money by selling me things. Or so the internal dialog went.

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