What was the name for the service that let you follow Twitter accounts from Mastodon?

@hund that sounds interesting, I would also like to know that!

@hund @BirdsiteLIVE that's very cool, thanks!
@kev and @mike any interest in hosting an instance for @fosstodon users?

@shom Probably not at this point. It's an interesting idea, but the developer notes that it intentionally doesn't scale. Even a community of ~20000 people wouldn't work well the way it's currently written. Unless they decide to go with something more scalable, I'd probably suggest a personal instance for the time being.

@hund @BirdsiteLIVE @kev @fosstodon

@hund I think the only one that still exists is Nitter

@hund Hi Hund, i want to ask about your jekyll theme.

How to :
- add search bar
- make list of posts like /weblog

Thank you :blobaww:

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