@hund hey, read your blog.

If you want to give FF another try, I use tridactyl with a usercss which hides the url and the tab bar. The only issue I've had is that on Firefox specific sites, or pages which return something apart from HTML, no addons are loaded. These are generally rare, but can be a bit annoying.

@dhruvasambrani Thanks! I might look into it someday, but I don't think I can ever use anything else than qutebrowser. :)

By FF specific sites I mean about:config type or some addon sites.

@hund And what about tridactyl ? have you tried it ?

@hund how does Firefox steal the addressbar focus? I haven't noticed. And can't you just ESC out of it?
You can search bookmarks in the addressbar, although that's not the same as browsing through carefully organised folders of bookmarks.
Maybe I should try qutebrowser. I switched email client to mutt some time back, and like the focus on keyboard usage instead of the mouse.

@frox Sometimes when you want to say close a tab with "d", it then focuses on the addressbar instead, making it impossible to close the tab or use any other key. Escape doesn't work. :/

@hund Ok, now you mention I remember similar problems happening to me. I remember it being a problem of 'focus', key presses weren't registering with vimium as they were supposed to. Either clicking a blank space with the mouse or Esc made it work again IIRC.

How heavy on resources is qute? I like minimalism, and I find firefox is pretty heavy compared to other 'daily' apps I use.

@frox I haven't checked it out for a long time, but I'm pretty sure it's decent. I can get it out when I'm at the computer again.

@frox At start it uses about 280 MB of RAM with a simple plain HTML website. :)

@hund Firefox uses about 500Mb at start when loading your website 😒 That's on a system with 8gb of ram, just for reference

@hund I mean, I find both of those numbers way too high for loading an HTML page which is probably less than 1MB

@hund Oh boy, I think you are going to enjoy #Nyxt browser: nyxt.atlas.engineer/

@publicvoit I looked into it, but it didn't tickle my pickle. :)

@hund Can you get addons/extensions such as uBlock Origin or Treestyle Tabs for qutebrowser?

@samir They have the same adblocker as Brave. I'm not sure what treestyle tabs is though, I'll have to look it up.

@hund True. It's not possible to go mouseless with Firefox, even if you manage a lot of things, there will always be odd quirks.

Regarding bookmarks, I am using buku, not the Firefox manager.

As for the interface, I have hidden the tab bar, so, I am left with just the address bar. I have a tab manager on the side (Sidebery), which can be open/closed easily.

But, the conclusion remains, there is no ideal browser... Which would be qutebrowser with the Firefox engine.


Ive been using Qutebrowser for years, I probably don't use all its features (don't think I've ever deliberately used macro recording) but find the vim like keybindings to be excellent for browsing, which is odd because I am not so keen on Vim as a text editor and much prefer nano.

I also occasionally use Firefox, Brave and w3m for certain tasks but find myself enjoying Qutebrowser more because of the way the keybindings and basic adblocking work.

@Jase That's how it started for me. It's only a matter of time before your have switched to Neovim. ;)

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