@hund basically there is none. No matter what anyone tells you about any product. Which is good for law enforcement.

@hund Proton's response response and transparency is definitely worth adding to the discussion: protonmail.com/blog/climate-ac

There's definitely some confusion between privacy and anonymity and @protonmail could help users understand that better. They do provides access to their email over Tor and VPN is not logged at all. However, updating their privacy policy as diffed in the techcrunch article is the right move.

@shom The issue is not that they obeyed the law, the issue is that they had sensitive data about their customers to share in the first place. They royally screwed up this time.

@hund @shom what sensitive data? It seems they don’t log stuff unless ordered to. And it seems they don’t have access to the content of your emails, just meta data which they don’t care for but governments may. To me it seems like they got screwed by a loophole and couldn’t do anything about it. They even went as far to recommend tor and vpn to work around the issues.

@jordan @shom They're an email provider, they're not required by law to log anything.

@hund @shom I don’t know Swiss laws, but I meant required when told by the Swiss government.

@jordan @hund I'm not clear if they logged the IP because of the legal order or if they were always logging and had to share because of the order.
I would prefer they didn't log at all and not sure what rationale there is to log (account /service protection against brute force/ddos?!).
I've been a long-term, happy, paid user of the service because I think they're providing something of value. I want accountability and improvement not just canceling.
Good discussion!

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