Google just deleted the YouTube-channel for @thelinuxEXP, without any reason. It's a respectable content creator that makes videos about Linux and software.

I guess this should work as a friendly reminder to not use YouTube for anything that you care about.

@hund Can @thelinuxEXP put the videos on PeerTube? Sounds like Google's loss, honestly.

@wizzwizz4 @hund @thelinuxEXP The videos are available on Odyssee and on #peertube here: @thelinuxexperiment :)
It's difficult for creators to leave a platform where all the people are and where you can reach out to more people :) So I think we should not blame a creator for using it, especially if it is their living! It's already great to post on other platforms like peertube! I just hope the situation will get resolved!

@hund @thelinuxEXP keep backups of EVERYTHING and put it on a lot of different places.

@hund @thelinuxEXP @Ged ok that's odd....must be a mistake from youtube's aprt. but yah that's very concerning

Wait.. Whaaat? What the heck? Where does this even comes from?

@kiudecan @thelinuxEXP I'm sure there's some kind of mistake, but it's worrying that it happened to begin with.

@hund @thelinuxEXP @danie10 peertube :) - thats far better. no ads, no tracking, no bs :) - i think he has a peertube account too

I think he's just given permission to mirror on #tilvids lucky for him;)
@hund @thelinuxEXP @danie10

@hund @thelinuxEXP YouTube's known for this, likely it''ll be back shortly when they realize they screwed up

@hund @thelinuxEXP Always have backups. In this case, always store your videos on other platforms. There's no lack of alternatives these days.

I mass-download stuff from some of my favorite channels with
youtube-dl -ciw -o "%(title)s.%(ext)s" -v[CHANNEL-NAME] --download-archive downloaded.txt if any videos fail because they're age-restricted I download them using newpipe

@mostly_linux @hund @thelinuxEXP Crypto earning site... Blockchain... private company...too many red flags :mastohero:

@hund @thelinuxEXP
Luckily, he already was publishing his content on where I follow him (the less Google, the better the world).
But why would Google do such a thing?

@hund @thelinuxEXP
Warum ist #digitaleSouveränität so wichtig?
Traue keinem Konzern! Marktmacht ist rücksichtslos gierig.

@hund @thelinuxEXP I wonder if the folks at Youtube realized they would be the worlds largest enforcer of "standards and practices" and that the future of discourse would be decided by that godawful EULA/TOS that they spent an hour on with their lawyers in the boiler room just to get that Series A money back in 2005.

@hund @thelinuxEXP
Use a PeerTube instance or Odysee 💪 And the last one is awesome 👌

It is past the time to bring down YouTube a sizeable amount.

Even other proprietary plataforms such as Vimeo are way better.

A lot of people already use different search engines, different browsers, etc.

YouTube remains as the go-to video hosting service.

This practical monopoly has to end.


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