I've been enjoying this audiocast a lot lately.

The Privacy, Security, & OSINT Show:

@hund why audiocast and not podcast? Is it different?

@joeligj12 It's the same, but the word podcast is Apples name for it. It's a portmanteau of the words iPod and broadcast. While audiocast is a neutral word for it.

@hund @joeligj12 Didn't know this either! According to wikipedia Netcast is also a netural word for it. The more you know!

@tim @joeligj12 I used to use the word netcast, but now when both audo and video content is common, the word netcast can basically mean anything. I prefer to use the words audocast for "podcasts" and videocast for any video content from "YouTubers" or whatever. :)

@hund oh, so this is more of a "I dont like apple so I wont use their terms" kinda thing?
I already knew podcast was a combination of those words, I just wanted to see if there is reason you chose not to use it xD
I simply think podcast is so common, that trying to change it makes no sense

@hund I think I came across a little too agressive, I really dont mind what term you choose to use :blobcatderpy:

@joeligj12 I don't like Apple, but I'm not some butthurt kid either. I can be mature about it. :)

I prefer to use neutral terms for everything, wether I support and like whoever came up with the term or not. I rarely ever use the term "toot", even though I obviously like Mastodon a lot. :)

@hund Easily one of my favorite casters at the moment.

@hund Thanks for sharing, I'm always happy to discover interesting podcasts.

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