@proactiveservices @hund not sure sbout the decisions he is making with the app, but well.

I agree, however we should credit where credit is due, and this is a great step for the long term viability.

that’s a high capital startup for a npo isn’t it. I’m also failing to see the reason for this move other than liability concerns.

@hund I cant say I really understand why this was done. A necessity for tax exemption of donations? Issues regarding liability? Somehow I feel an itch to anything "libre" being associated with companies (ngos or not). It just doesnt feel right, but maybe Im wrong.

@hund I froze for a second reading that as for-profit :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

@hund I think a gGmbH corresponds more closely to a not-for-profit organization than a nonprofit organization (the latter would be an e.V. in Germany).

An e.V. doesn't sound like the correct thing for this, though, as the usual setup for that is a bunch of people doing something (which is not paid work) in their spare time, funding coming mostly from members. You could probably adapt that somehow but gGmbH sounds much better to me than GmbH or other things I could think of.

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