So.. I'm back with qutebrowser again. While Firefox is a shiny web browser with even shinier addons, it still lacks a lot of the important features that I like with qutebrowser.

I still dislike QtWebEngine and all, but it's the option that sucks the least for me. :)

@hund what are the important features in qutebrowser that you missed? I used it for a while but moved back to Firefox eventually.

@joseph That it's 100% keyboard driven and that it has a minimal UI without losing any fictionally. And then some small quirks here and there.

@hund @joseph Have you tried a Firefox extension called Vimium? It may be helpful if you want mouseless Firefox

@arek @joseph That's exactly the addon I was using with Firefox. It's tye only reason I was able to use it to being with. :)

@hund in the same boat, keyboard driven, userscripts are things that you can't find easily

@hund how do you deal with remembering g what mode you’re in? I sometimes forget to switch to input mode when typing my name, which starts with D, and end up closing the browser tab. Other than that though, I love it.

@danny Musle memory. It happens to be sometimes as well though when I'm in a hurry. :P I've been using qutebrowser for about 5 years though.

@hund The vim key bindings are worth the effort though. It’s nice to do most things from the keyboard.

@danny @hund I do that everytime as well 😅
Other than that, the only think I miss from ff is the Bitwarden extention. I have the script, but it's not quite the same thing.

@hund whatever floats your boat, man¹!

Would they be persuadable to switch their WebEngine to that of Firefox's (I've forgotten the name)? 🤔

@hund 1) figuratively spoken, I don't really care about pronouns 😎

@RyuKurisu I'm clearly a dog, but whatever floats your boat, human. :P

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