@hund excellent writeup, thanks for that! I use much the same extensions, except for vim vixen instead of vimium because that's what @hexdsl was showing when I looked at his setup. Probably works similarly.

@hund FYI, uMatrix and Decentraleyes are unmantained. I'd suggest using ublock origin's advanced mode, and enabling all non-regional filter lists (there's also a new one that clears tracking query parameters from URLs). Also you probably don't need Cookie AutoDelete, just set Firefox to clear site data on exit. IIRC extensions can't delete local storage, so Cookie AutoDelete will leave some junk (possibly used for tracking) behind.

@dalz uMatrix was last updated 10 days ago. Decentralized haven't seen an update in a while, but there's commits made on their repo though.

@hund uMatrix has been updated once in 1.5 years, to fix this bug: github.com/vtriolet/writings/b. The github repo is still archived so I don't expect development to resume now. Decentraleyes has some recent commits but they're mostly translations it seems. If you look here git.synz.io/Synzvato/decentral you'll see that most resources haven't been updated in 2 years, rendering decentraleyes effectively useless (also see github.com/arkenfox/user.js/is).

@hund I would try Vim Vixen over Vimium, I would also recommend simplifying firefox UI with something like this: github.com/khuedoan/one-line-f

Nice blog!

@joeligj12 Thanks! I'll check out Vim Vixen as well. The UI mod looks cool as well. :)

@hund Concerning the lack of OS wide dark theme switcher, there is some browser workarounds listed here : codevoid.de/1/posts/2020-05-17

@hund indeed it is /: I hoep one day we get the fancy system wide switcher or even time based switcher or like f.lux, something based on a location !

@hund didn't Jolla do a Firefox based Qt browser? Perhaps that can be retrofitted into qutebrowser?

@e8johan I have never heard about it. I'll check it out. :)

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