Microsoft has it's own Linux based operating system now. It's called CBL-Mariner (Common Base Linux).

@floppy @hund welcome to what MS can do without Steve Ballmer 😂

@floppy Eh, strange only in that people are just now noticing. Hotmail ran on BSD for a long while after the Microsoft takeover.

If I recall correctly, this is used for routing in Azure.

@nathand I heard before that Microsoft uses Linux internally, but I never looked into it further. I think that's not a big surprise.

However, maintaining and publishing their own distribution goes beyond just using. I'm a bit surprised by that. Let's see where that goes.

Naturally, I wonder how this would fit into a embrace-extend-extinguish scheme, but I couldn't reconstruct the big plan yet. Maybe there is none? Maybe there is, time will tell.

@floppy Meh, probably just all part of an appearance campaign, costs them little to do and they can point to it as "another Microsoft contribution".


“Naturally, I wonder how this would fit into a embrace-extend-extinguish scheme, but I couldn’t reconstruct the big plan yet. Maybe there is none? Maybe there is, time will tell.”

Sounds to me that there are at the extend phase right now. They’ve got their very own Linux distro that they use on Azure. Soon, it’ll be easier to use that distro directly, for example, for people who have some sort of Linux host on Azure. They’ll make it easier to use their distro than CentOS, for example.

Then, they’ll come out with a desktop version, which will become the default for WSL.

Then getting a different distro will become harder for WSL, while they’re also making specific, proprietary changes to their distro.

They hook you on these proprietary improvements, and since it’s now become easier to use their distro than other distros in certain cases, they’re now cornering certain use cases that would previously been used by other distros.



Indeed that sounds like a pretty realistic plan they could folllow. Thanks for laying that out!

I think the limitation to WSL makes this line of events quite probable. This would certainly give them big control over WSL, but do you think that would mean serious danger for Linux outside WSL?



Windows is generally substandard as a development platform, unless you’re only developing Windows applications. This is one of the reasons Microsoft introduced WSL in the first place.

I know people who would use Linux or macOS for work if WSL didn’t exist.

So, by introducing WSL, they entice these developers back to Windows. Then by making WSL a more enticing option, they make it harder for devs to ever switch back to Linux.


I can see that and that sounds very realistic too. If I like Windows land, but had to move to Linux involuntarily, WSL might be a good reason to return.

That's generally true for WSL. I suppose CBL-Mariner will make WSL more interesting, but does not change the course of action a lot.

Windows/WSL will win over a few people from pure Linux. However, I wonder how how big the number of people is actually going to be.


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