It's rather annoying that Google throttles the bandwidth for you when you watch videos on YouTube via a VPN, to the point where it's not possible to watch in a higher quality than like 480p.

@resist1984 That doesn't work unless I disconnect the VPN.

@hund Google does that? Here I was thinking my VPN was slow.


It is currently something that plagues people without a vpn too. So probably overloaded

@selea What if it works like flipping the switch?

@selea @hund oh, that makes so much sense. I was contemplating debugging my wifi for a while...

@hund seems to happen with NewPipe as well even if I don't use a VPN.

@PublicNuisance Tell that to all the goods exclusively uploading their content to it. :(

@hund NewPipe also has serious issues with loading YouTube videos for quite some time now.

@nergal @hund I only watch 1080p or higher usually. It's just interesting to see how YouTube wants to prevent 3rd party apps from working properly.

@Ghosty @hund is why i discourage use of proprietary public services all the time. they work well in a private organization where competition is costly. dangerous in a public space where the incentive to make a profit is directly attached and tempting to hoard (us humans).

@hund Also when you watch from 3rd party clients. Both NewPipe and XBMC/Kodi have had problems that when in the same network I go to mobile YouTube web I can stream full HD no problem.

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