This is a 14 year old desktop screenshot with Ubuntu, GNOME 2 and Beryl. I think it still holds up pretty good if I may say so myself. :)

@hund This album from Sigur Rós is neat. The browser shorcut is galeon?

@menelkir It is! :)

I'm not sure what Galgur is. The icon is supposed to be Firefox. I don't remember the icon theme I was using.

@hund Brings back memories! Bonus points for Sigur Rós ;-)

@hund nice! Love the style and icons, but that CD takes the cake! 😄

@hund I loved when my desktop looked like this :)

@hund Had a very similar desktop environment around that time as well. Those desktop widgets were all the rage.

👍​ for Sigur Rós!

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