I'm considering to upgrade my Raspberry Pi 2 to the newer Raspberry Pi 4.

If you have one and are willing to part with it, contact me! I'm located in Sweden.

@hund Consider buying some actually free alternative rather than way too popular Raspberry Pi, such as OLinuXino.

@wire @hund

There’s a reason the Pi is popular.

Turbo free/libre stuff usually sucks by comparison.

Pi is dirt cheap and capable of many different uses out of the box with first class support on common ARM OS’.

@wholesomedonut @wire I actually found the A64-OLinuXino both affordable and decent! The chip is supposed to be supported by OpenBSD as well. I need to do some more research though.

@hund I would say pine64 lineup of SBCs are great. Great community support and they even have a rk3399 board. I have a pinebook pro and a pinephone and pine64 products are great.

@jason123santa The Pine64 alternatives are a bit too expensive for me though.

@jason123santa Not for me. I added the things needed and it ended up at about $158. The Raspberry Pi 4 is half the price for me. And the A20-OLinuXino-LIME2 is even cheeper than that. :)

@hund It might be that expensive with everything added on. You could try looking for a cheaper board or just get a pi 4. Raspberry pi is not great but its not bad

@hund I'd double check it can do what you want it to do. Some have found the 3b+ to be better! Personally I like the RockPro64

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