Why do basically everyone abuse the feature to put their images behind a "sensitive content" warning for all the pictures they upload? The feature is to be used for actual sensitive content.

@hund I'd wager either because of being over careful or because "spoiler funni"

@hund I think this is so called "tyranny of default". When you upload an image on mastodon, it checked "nsfw" by default, and you need extra click to uncheck it. Too much work, man, too much work!!!11eleven

Never seen that the "mark as sensitive media" already checked, maybe it's a instance preset?

@Unairedspecifics or maybe personal setting? Anyway, on several instances when I upload an image, I got this checkbox ticked already. And if I don't pay enough attention, I will post anything as NSFW.


Nope it is under settings.
Preferences > Other
🔲 Always mark media as sensitive

@Unairedspecifics Yeah, you are correct! Just made sure it's off, uploaded an image and there you go! And the reason I usually have this checked is that I also use mobile client and this is the only way to make images not loading until I click on them. (and reason for that is that Canadian mobile internet is most expensive in the world)

There's also a setting for Media display under "Appearance" with.

⚫ Hide media marked as sensitive
⚪ Always show media
⚪ Always hide media

Not sure how much that would help you.

@hund Yeah, also content warnings. But I guess the issue is that "sensitive content" is not well defined, and is way to subjective. But yeah, there are somethings that just are no question. There is also a feature on mastodon to hide all images for overly sensitive people (like myself)

@hund I've seen people put the reason of the CW in clear text. Maybe that should be forced.

I understand that people have different sensitivity to different topics, but I completely agree with you on the abuse of the feature.

@hund I don't know.. it seems no matter what you post.. somebody somewhere will be triggered by a photo of paint drying and either reply to you directly about censoring it, or they make a passive-aggressive post about it in public. But I agree.. maybe I'll embrace my curmudgeony side and forget the CW button exists.

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