For a quick approach on an Android phone:
Load or create with editor.
In the menu do "view Markdown".
Select Firefox as browser, you then see your file in Firefox.
In Firefox menu do page, save as pdf.


@hund nice. I do the same, and I found the Eisvogel template to be really nice for formal documents at work. Easily tweaked, too.


I couldn’t quite figure out from your article why you’d use weasyprint to do it, when pandoc can create a pdf out of a md file by itself.

After a little googling, I found https://esq.io/2020/01/pandoc-weasyprint-and-pdf-generation/ which explains the difference pretty well.

So, this is pretty cool. I’ll definitely have to remember this.

@danjones000 To be honest, their binary version couldn't convert to PDF for me, and WeasyPrint was one of the available options that was fairly lightweight. I should have probably mentioned this. I'll add it to the article. :)

@hund "I consider #markdown to be the best markup language"
Are you sure about that? I'd be interested in your opinion on karl-voit.at/2017/09/23/orgmod

IMHO: the idea of lightweight #markup languages is awesome but its most dominant languages are badly designed.

@publicvoit Org mode predates Markdown with a few months, so I assume that Markdown is inspired by Org mode. For me, Markdown seems to be like Org mode 2.0. The syntax for Markdown are based on common sense. Like lists are created with a `*`, while in Org mode that would be a header? Why?

He also complains about Markdown not being standardized and are talking about flavours. I have never encountered these flavors, or ever had any issues with anything being different or anything. :)

@hund @publicvoit All of the places where I've used markdown flavours, the standard markdown has always been allowable, so I don't really have problems with them when they are used. Markdown just is very sensible and built on normal conventions that people has used since there was typewriters.

@hund AFAIK there is no Org -> MD connection as MD was derived from email patterns.
Org is standardized as of "the syntax that Emacs interprets as Org mode". There is orgmode.org/worg/dev/org-synta but we still miss an official org syntax standard as well as common parsers in popular languages.
However, Org is much more consistent in design and even without an official standard much more standardized than MD. I struggle with MD inconsistencies every day.

@hund Thanks for posting! Throwing into the mix, I recently found this nice setup using Makefiles:


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