@hund very well said. Those are most of the exact same reasons why I grew to hate systemd and why I decided to switch back to gentoo and openrc. Systemd's rush to absorb every part of the system seems rushed and ultimately very un-unix-like. Thanks for posting this.

@hund this has been the first argument against systemd that hasn’t felt to me like an emotionally charged smear campaign with sweeping, unfounded accusations about something vaguely philosophical.

Well written!

@hund This is something that kind of felt obvious to me as soon as I started working with the BSDs. Like the author, I also feel it's a shame that almost all discussions about systemd v anything tends to get toxic quickly and frequently presented as wanting SysV Init (which from what I've seen is pretty messy), instead of considering BSD init, OpenRC, Runit, S6, etc.

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