What options do a Gentoo user have if they want an alternative that's binary, without systemd, comes with a decent setup for automating package builds like ebuilds or makepkg? Preferably with a minimal install option and decent repositories.

@Ghosty @hund Artix probably has the best OpenRC implementation out there. Also it's amazing how they manage to keep up with Arch "rolling-ness".

@hund How about alpine linux?
+without systemd (uses openrc which I suppose Gentoo users are familiar with)
+minimal by default
+decent repository (arguable)

@huy_ngo I run Alpine on my Raspberry Pi. :) I don't think I want it on a desktop computer tough.


I ran KDE-Plasma on Alpine for a while, it was a good stable experience but Thunderbird was broken on it and a few packages I like were not available.

@0xedd1e @hund This. Or Devuan if it has to be Linux. Devuan is the original Debian fork. I have it on a laptop because FreeBSD is still awful on laptops and it's not awful. Still Linux, though.

@hund Was gonna say cause it checks all those boxes but it's systemd all the way. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a systemdless variant (yet).

@hund not sure it exists, but hopefully I missed something. Gentoo with more bins seems a way forward, some kind of update system that works a little like Boinc and also bit like Lbry feels possible too

@hund probably Artix, but it looks like everyone already said that. Lol.

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