Yay or nay for Pinterest? I have basically never visited that website, but it's apparently a good source for finding pictures of graffiti.

@hund it's a must-have for references for most people. I stay away from it so I don't start to rely on it and I try to take my own reference photos and search less efficiently for inspiration

@hund haven't actually used it, but if I'm on the fence on something, I opt not to use proprietary 😂

Plus I just don't like how everything is locked behind a "signup-wall"

@hund I don't know. The only exposure I've had to Pinterest is doing an image search and finding a relevant image, only to stumble into a login wall on Pinterest, and the relevant image seemingly being nowhere on the other side, if I should decide to make an account. So it's purely a source of frustration, and I often need to explicitly exclude the domain when doing an image search.

@eviloatmeal my feelings exactly. Every time I stumble upon it the frustration of not being able to do anything without an account pushes me even further from making one. @hund


Nay from me. If I needed a site like that I would try PixelFed first.

I hate it. My spouse lives on it for her profession as a personal fitness trainer, for yoga and crafting ideas. Gives me the eyeroll every time I espouse my convictions about it. I have succeeded in getting spouse to jettison google and fb.

@hund I don't really care for it but I haven't found anything else that fills the niche or being able to put together fashion and outfit boards with the discovery that it has.

@hund Sure, why not? It's no different than Fosstodon with all the virtue signaling, just with more pictures 😂

@hund I expect there are better sources to be found for this type of content. Anything considered "deviant" (depending on the imagery and wording in graffiti) will be censored on Pinterest.

@hund The site is basically unusable without registering, which is a big negative. It's also incredibly heavy on JS, so if you have something less than brand new you'll hear your CPU fans crank up when you browse.

@hund used for calligraphy stuff for a while. Not bad, if you're able to find people with following.

@hund Personally nay. It's basically a link aggregator, and I can do without it. I can see why others would go yay though. There's a lot of content there, and if you're looking for ideas it's a good place to start.

@hund the only plus going for it imho is that the creators of images will generally get at least link attribution for their images

@hund It is very rare I go there, but it is useful if I want some inspiration. There is a huge amount of good pictures in a very easy way to find them. So I would not completely ignore Pinterest.


I've not used it in years, but I remember it being a walled garden that managed to separate creative output and attribution.

I vote nay.

@ryan I don't care much for memes. I'm more of a dad-joke person myself. :P

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