They used XMPP for this.

"The FBI and Australian law enforcement set up the encrypted chat service and ran it for over 3 years, seizing weapons, drugs and over $48m in cash."

@hund The article does not say the Anom devices used XMPP. It just said they sent copies of the messages to a bot. This bot might have relayed those copies by XMPP.


> The article does not say the Anom devices used #XMPP.

But they did. You can see it towards the bottom of the link here:

(Besides, it's the obvious solution and what everyone does)


@hund It doesn't appear that they worked all that hard to make it even appear to be secure either (e.g. no VPN, no firewall, no blocking Google services, etc.)


They didn't have to. Anyone with sufficient #infosec skills would not have touched this with a bargepole anyway.


@hund I wonder how you build "a master key into its encryption system".

@hund I was wondering how you build your own key into an encryption system. Did they just build a new encryption system with symmetric keys so they can basically just decrypt the message that are encrypted with this key? I wanted to know how exactly they did that.

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