Pango has removed support for bitmap fonts. What the **** GNOME? Can you please not remove every basic feature in your software? I hope someone forks this piece of ****.

@hund this was a pretty long time ago, and it's when I started purging gtk applications from my system.

Oh, and patched Sway to use my own font rendering library instead.

@dnkl Unfortunately, both i3 and Rofi uses Pango. :/

@hund unfortunately there aren't many alternatives...

@hund Gnome is frustrating like that. Simply don't give a fuck about you

@hund Geez, this was done a few years ago when Pango dropped FreeType for HarfBuzz. They wrote about the reasoning for this quite a bit back then.

@hund The thing is that GTK+ seems to only care Gnome and nothing else. Even if someone decide to fork that piece of shit called Gnome it will be difficult if GTK keeps breaking stuffs ( I am not sure if they still do it though).

GNOME is part of what I consider the evil group along with systemd and Red Hat.

@dasbrennen URxvt, titlebars in i3, the bar in qutebrowser, Polybar and Rofi. I have probably forgot something.

@clacke @dasbrennen I have a regular 24" 1080p monitor and I still prefer it.

@person It's 'pixel graphics', not scalable vector.

Pango is a library for laying out and rendering of text. If it can't show text, it's a pretty bad library.. :|

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