The logfile is a weird metric to use. I don't like the handwaving nature of this study. There are so many parameters which could have been overlooked. Activity, number of accounts / rooms / servers federated with etc.

I do agree that the resource requirement is an important problem of course and needs further scrutiny to guarantee that the fediverse is a sustainable model.

I think it's a shame that Element (or the people behind #Matrix) didn't put their efforts on #XMPP rather than a new protocol.
Think how awesome XMPP could have been with the branding and features from Matrix/Element in addition to all the existing features.
I really like XMPP for what it is (fast, established), but I like the features of Element with bridges, spaces and so on.

Care to describe briefly what “bridges” and “spaces” are?

@0 @tc Bridges let's you talk to people on other platforms like IRC.

Which is possible for XMPP as well vid standalone software. Matterbridge supports pretty much every platform out there, but it's not as native as of the some other XMPP to IRC bridges that I've seen.


Thanks. So a bridge is what we call a transport in #XMPP, which is simply an #XEP0114 component that “bridges” two or more communication services.

That one was easy to guess, but what about the “spaces” you mentioned in your previous post?


@0 @tc I don't I've mentioned spaces as I don't know what that is. :P


Ha! Indeed, that was in @tc's post. 🙂

The mystery continues.

(Sadly the terms are not very Googlable)

@0 @hund @tc "Spaces" are like Discord "servers", a collection of chat rooms.


Shouldn't be too hard to #XEP this into #XMPP, given justifiable demand. 🤔

Implementation-wise, it's a #PubSub job, with some complications around coping with #MUC (chatroom) changes.

I think it can probably be done without explicit server side support as all the bits needed are there already.

@hund @tc

@hund @tc

As an aside, I reckon one reason transports fell out of fashion is because of, by today's standards, a major flaw: if the remote end needs access credentials, those are stored server side by the transport itself. For this to work today, something like a three way handshake would be required.

@0 @hund
Aah, yes. These "Spaces" that we speak of is a new feature in Element. It's like a Discord-server or a Slack workspace: A group of rooms actually. So someone can create a public/private Space with a bunch of rooms. element.io/blog/spaces-the-nex

@tc @hund XMPP is indeed very nice, but Matrix has some very different goals.
It's a much more monolithic standard, can be implemented in a webapp, and has real, resilient replication.
I think it would have been much harder (plus: + more error prone and slower) to extend XMPP, than it is to make a new standard for the new goals.

Luckily the two interoperate extremely well! You dont have to abandon XMPP to talk to Matrix peeps at all 👑

@hund I wish there would be a statistic that showed how much resources are being wasted by large cooperations hoarding their users data and processing it.

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