I switched to mbsync today. I used to run offlineimap a long time ago, but it has been abandoned for a long time now. mbsync is written in C, not Python like offlineimap.

I had forgotten how much more enjoyable it is to view local messages and folders, rather than having to sync everything in real time before being able to view it. Everything is just instant.

It also feels nice having a local copy of everything and not being dependant of an Internet connection to access my email.

@hund were you using the IMAP functionality in neomutt before?
I still need to figure out how to integrate notmuch into neomutt. Sometimes I could really use the powerful search of notmuch

@frox @hund I use mairix for search, it's a tad old and not really integrated in mutt, but works very well for me and is simple.

It also indexes gzipped mboxes, so I can move old mail from my maildirs with archivemail, which removes them from the imap server as well.

@frox Yes. :) Notmuch is really nice to have.

@hund I tried mbsync also but it didn't show any noticeably performance improvement over offlineimap for me.

I guess this is because most of the time is spent in both by using fsync in order to protect themselves for data loss if something happens while downloading.

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