I don't know how long ago I bought my oldest (that's still being used) SSD, but S.M.A.R.T. tells me that it's been running for 63 595 hours now, which is about 7.2 years.

The current wearout indicator is still at 72%. I can't complain about the quality on the old models from Intel.

@hund what model?

My 120GB Intel 520 series is also going strong on its 9th year.

@hund My Power_On_Hours_and_Msec is 923767h+37m+52.100s (105 years) for some reason..

@rune Cool!

It's an Intel 320. It's apparently 10 years old now. :)

@hund What does the wearout indicator say? How much over provisioned storage has already died?

@hund Got an Intel X25-M thats pushing 10 years old and still kicking. About to head into a small media pc as a boot drive

@rridley Cool! I had one of those as well. It was my first SSD, but unfortunately it died on me after a few years. :(

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