@snikket_im Have you considered using some more neutral colour palette for your theme? I'm not so sure that bright yellow and mustard is what the general masses wants. :)

@hund You have no idea how divisive this is! Some people absolutely love the colours, some others... not so much 😁

They're not necessarily permanent though. As part of releasing the iOS app, there will be a review of all colours and design elements to make sure everything is consistent, accessible, and beautiful.

But until that happens, the yellow will enjoy its time! 💛

@hund Between "Facebook blue" and "WhatsApp green", it's nice to stand out.

But visual contrast can be a problem, depending on various factors. Yellow is a particularly hard colour to incorporate into designs involving text (unless you go to the darker shades that people fascinatingly associate with "dirty", in a way that dark blue/green wouldn't be).

Colour is fun, design is fun. It's all fun, but not very easy 🙂

@snikket_im I can understand both sides as well. :) What about optional themes? Default and vendors native, which would be default Material design colours on Google and whatever's default on iOS?

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