I created a little public chat room. It's English only, family friendly and all that. Topic is anything non-controversial, but probably mostly about geeky stuff for obvious reasons.


@hund is under XMPP OMEMO on? I know this is client side but all use this?

@kubikpixel No OMEMO. It's a public chat and not all clients supports it.

@hund why cant i find it on matrix. I'm using the home server and element as my client.

@uwucookie You should be. I don't use Matrix myself. You could ping @matrix here on my Mastodon doesn't answer to support questions, but I'm sure there's some channel somewhere for that.

@hund Oh no, do I join through XMPP or do I join through IRC? Oh the dilemma! 🥺😱

(I'll check it out later this afternoon CEST!)

@arivigo Why not both? :P I use XMPP on the phone and IRC on the computer.

@hund Oh no! Now I have a third option available! 😱 😆

@hund i don't know why, it works for other chat rooms 🤔

@pkotrcka I think I found the reason. The server you're using doesn't have a valid cert.

@pkotrcka Tell them to update the cert. :P Or servers? Perhaps NixNet.Services?

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