What's the best way to share a 15 GB file securely (to me) with someone who refuses to install any software?

@hund do the already have a torrent client installed?

@herag I tried that route, he didn't know how to create a torrent. :)

@hund that's too bad. It is by far my favorite way.

@hund two possibilities for sharing files of any size in a peer to peer fashion with some degree of privacy and no software installation...

@hund Onion share? Do they have brave installed? What about making a bit torrent? Maybe a reverse web proxy?

@hund A Blu-Ray or flash drive + your local mail service.

At this size you just NEED some software. If on Linux I would recommend doing this via rsync and ssh, but one of the two then needs to be comfortable setting up a guest SSH account or run the rsync service itself (ugh). Or HTTP(S) via Apache, and the receiving side uses curl with automatic resuming (there is a flag for that).

@hund tell them that opening any website is essentially the same as to install a new piece of software nowadays.
That could be a reason for them to rethink the way they do things.

@hund There are various file sharing websites, and my favorite is probably

But if it's an actually sensitive file i'd use a proper cloud storage like Nextcloud

Use 7-zip to AES encrypt then share with any fileshare service, like ?

Better hope they don't have low upload bandwidth, or it could take days. :oh_no_bubble:

Or if no 7-zip, WinZip has a weaker form of encryption.

@hund split into 8 segments using split(1) with the -b option, upload to or some other open Lufi instance, let the recipient recreate the original 15 GB file using cat(1). (If the recipient is on a system unable to join or concatenate data... What are they using that computer for?)

@hund A lot of people would consider IPFS the "new way" to do file sharing, better than BitTorrent (arguably). You can google for "Pinning Services" saving a file is called "pinning it".Here's one:

@hund woof!

tho maybe not so secure, but pretty handy at times

@hund @kev sounds like a job for Firefox send? But that's no longer a thing right?hate to say it but probably Dropbox or Google drive? 🤪 I'd be interested to know

Depends on how you define securly but jumbomail is mainly used for such large files in my community
@hund @kev

@hund Put it in a USB drive, encrypt the drive and have it shipped to you.

@hund I think FilePizza on Firefox would work. If you're willing to self-host a send instance, you can do that too. Some other options here:

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