@hund neomutt does not group URLs at the bottom of the msg, at least not my version. It shows the raw text mostly as-is. I think your 1st example is probably a msg with text/html MIME type that mutt filtered with w3m or the like. When mutt shows an URL, it's often so long that mutt wraps it and adds a "+" where the link wraps which ruins copy-paste. Urlview/urlscan fixes that.

@hund if you hit "v" on the msg, mutt will list the MIME parts. If there is a text/plain included, mutt shows that by default. If there is only a text/html part & no text/plain, then mutt will automatically filter with something like w3m. You might want to switch w3m to "lynx -list_inline".

@hund Sorry, i just realized you were more aware of things than I thought (sloppy speed reading on my part). If you've configured it to use lynx, then I guess you just need to add the -list_inline switch.

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