Where's the love for the Swedish Linux based operating system CRUX on the fediverse?

@hund I have some good memories from CRUX. Been ages since I looked at it now though.

@hund For once we actually beat you guys in something, from my recollection alpine is a norwegian distribution, but I'm up for corrections ;)

And I love crux for nothing else for it being the inspiration for the system I've been using for 12 years at least now :)

I love the swedish based serenity os though :)

@sotolf I have no idea where Natanael Copa is from, but it doesn't sound norwegian though. :P

@hund I was just going by the origin on, but I'm not sure how accurate that is ;) That doesn't really sound like an archetypical Norwegian name no :p

@sotolf You know what you have to do now then. :P

@hund I've been trying, but I haven't found something concrete yet, but I guess you Sweedes won again :p damn you söta bror! :p

@sotolf For what it's worth, you have some epic fjordar. :)

@symmetrizer @hund Crux was one of the first really KISS distros, and it was the inspiration for arch as far as I remember, it's an interesting distro for sure :)

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