Which Linux based operating system are you using today and what would you switch to if it would suddenly disappear from the face of the earth?

@hund Using Gentoo, LFS is next best if Gentoo were to ever disappear.

@Phate6660 Have you looked into CRUX? It's probably where I would go. :) It's just like Gentoo, inspired by BSD with a ports system, but with a more emphasise on manual labour and making your own packages rather than using USE-flags and all the things that makes Gentoo really easy to use.

@hund Sorry for the late reply (I could've swore I responded, but obviously not). :ablobcateyesflip:

I have tried CRUX, but last time I did was a few years ago I believe. And I can't even remember how I felt about it, so I'll have to try it again.

@Phate6660 It should be noted that creating packages on CRUX is a lot easier than on Gentoo.

Fedora and Debian, but mainly Fedora
I would just switch to the other one

@hund distribution is called Fedora.. and I liked Gentoo, so probably that one

debian is legit 

@hund debian. i'd freak the fuck out. maybe i'd try to learn arch but yikes. do any other Linux's have a constitution and democratic procedure? or is Debian still the only open source project on the planet with it's shit at all in any way remotely together? i think they are.

@hund using Debian. Not sure where to go next but maybe Solus (for Budgie).


Kubuntu on one machine and NixOS on the other.

I'd switch to another distro with a good minimal KDE plasma implementation, or maybe FreeBSD with KDE Plasma (also very good)

@hund Ubuntu and I think my backup would probably be Fedora though not tried it for a long time. I did use it on a docker server at work for a while and it was solid.

@hund I use Fedora Silverblue and if it disappears maybe I'd go back to Debian, though I'd also look around to see if there's another ostree (or similar) based distribution, since I'm quite addicted to that now.

@hund interesting. I'm running :manjaro: , if it were to disappear I'd just go full :arch:

@lopeztel Manjaro is based on Arch. What if both went missing? :)

@hund yeah. I kind of cheated there, there are some other options: either :linuxmint: or :popos:

@hund I can't imagine a world without Artix. But if it suddenly dissapear my answer is easy. I would move to any non-systemd distro and community one. The closest one to move would be obarun or gentoo.

@jrballesteros05 @hund currently #parabola, because I wanted something completely free and rolling. I guess otherwise I'd go for #debian without the non-free repos

@frox @hund I want to buy a ThinkPad laptop with libreboot. There are quite expensives. How is the experience with a 100% libre distro?

@jrballesteros05 @hund what do you find expensive? I believe you can get a #thinkpad #x200 from vikings or minifree for less than 500$.
I have an #x200 which I really adore. It's incredibly tough, has a fantastic keyboard, is easy to service and repair, and fits in my backpack. It isn't a processing power monster though, and has no integrated webcam. But for my use it checks all the boxes

@frox @hund I don't know if it's cheaper to buy those kind of computers on eBay and pay to Vikings or something else to libreboot. I think I found one for 100€ but it was from a site that looks like scam hahaha.

@jrballesteros05 @hund I mean if you wanna get your hands dirty it's cheaper to do it yourself. I haven't tried, but if you're the DIY type it doesn't seem overly hard. The most complex part seems to be flashing the BIOS chip.

100€ is still believable I'd say. You do have to factor in that these are now 10+ years old, and you'll probably want to change the battery and upgrade to an ssd

@frox @hund I have read about the process to libreboot and I have no idea, maybe when I was in the university I could have done it but now I don't know if I would be able to. I am still checking options, one of them is importing from Australia on eBay, there are reasonable prices. I don't have problem changing the disks, ram and battery but the librebooting process is something I know nothing.

@hund debian testing. Would maybe switch to arch or Manjaro if need to

Desktop: :arch: Arch -> :fedora: Fedora
Server: :debian: Debian -> maybe :alpine: Alpine

@hund Kubuntu. I'm not sure. Feels like I'm about to give up Linux for desktop. Redox and a web browser?

@hund My experience is that the desktop environments don't get better. I still find myself debugging the same fundamental parts as I did 20 years ago. It's not fun and stimulating. And I don't think that things will get better. It will get harder and harder to attract developoers. There must be something better than Linux and POSIX out there. Something which doesn't carry 50 years of legacy.

@sith If that's your honest belief, I have nothing to say.

@groschi @hund That might be a good idea. Have never tried Android for desktop. Maybe Chrome OS or something based on Gecko. I guess there are no serious Linux alternatives for the bottom layer.

@hund running void right now, if I really had to change I think i would go for parabola on the thinkpad and gentoo on the desktop.

@hund Fedora (laptop)/Centos (Server). Would probably move to Debian for the servers.

Not so sure for the laptop side. It would have to be quite modern and good with power management, and ideally also a Debian derivative. But I don't really like Ubuntu.

@hund isn't one of the reasons we use Linux and Open Source is that in most of the cases it cannot just disappear?

@lig It's a hypothetical question for the fun of it.

@hund zorinOS, if it were to dissappear I'd go with popOS.

@hund Running LinuxMint would use Manjaro if LM disappeared.
Would (relatively easily) give up computing if I had to, its always been a love/hate relationship and I think my eyes would thank me if I did!

@hund For daily use on my laptop I use Manjaro with i3wm, because of the extensive as well as current software offer.
On server Debian Stable but I'm thinking about using OpenBSD in the future.

@hund Using debian. Would probably switch to slackware, gentoo or some *bsd if it were to disappear.

@hund my display name isn't reflecting the current situation, but I did like my time with NixOS, until it went belly up for the second time when the disk space ran out. Luckily it was just a VM before I committed to it fully. I'm currently running Lubuntu :lubuntu: and I already decided to try out OpenBSD :openbsd: with LXQt on top of it 👨‍🎤

Today : debian
If it desapears : FreeBSD, Whonix

Using Regolith for work and KDE Neon at home, so both Ubuntu based. If Ubuntu disappeared I'd go back upstream to Debian. If Debian went then, like others here, Solus - solid, interesting and independent project.


Just to point out that before Solus, there was SolusOS (created by Ikey doherty), which died because the Dev team just walked away from it leaving many users high n dry.

Jump forward a few years Ikey did the same with Solus (this time the other devs picked up the slack)

Serpent Linux is I believe his new venture, one of which I will not be exploring


@hund Currently, I'm using Pop_OS.

You know that I wanted to switch to Gentoo. I didn't succeed last time (not enough energy to fight the boot loader problems).

I would probably have a look at guix:

@hund Debian. I don't actually need it for my job, so I could switch to anything. I have never tried fedora, so that is a maybe. But returning to Arch would be refreshing as well.

@hund If :manjaro: went somewhere I couldn't follow, I'd probly give more patience to :void:.

@hund Slackware Linux and I would switch to Alpine Linux if Slackware disappeared... probably. If not that, then Devuan.

@hund that looks interesting! Let me check that out. I have an extra laptop I should be able to testdrive it on.

I love the wiki about it being a BSD styled tar.gz package based distro. Both of those things make me very happy.

@hund I'm using Arch. I think I would start hopping between: Gentoo, Funtoo and Void. I don't know exactly which one I would pick.

@hund I am using only Linux Mint for years and I will have to try some options before the apocalypse.

@hund On Desktop it's Arch, if it disappeared, I'll probably move to OpenBSD. If it has to be Linux based, Alpine or GUIX are possibilities.

On servers, CentOS actually did disappear :) I'm moving to openSUSE Leap.

@hund Currently using :popos: , but if that disappeared then :arch: is the way to go for me

@hund KISS Linux, I wouldn't really have to switch if it "disappeared", because it can be maintained by a single user, because everything lives locally, but if I had to, I would give LFS a try, or CRUX.

@hund arch, and I'd probably just keep using my installation for a few years and update the few PKGBUILDs that need updating (really, nothing except firerox comes to mind) myself.

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