It's apparently been 10 years since I switched to my first tilling window manager. I haven't looked back ever since.

I started out with wmfs and later switched to i3 about 7 years ago.

@hund Awesome. I just started using sway recently and trying to get used to it, any good pointers or guides?

@jameskupke @hund just take it step by step, it's already 15 years since I got started with wmii (the proto-i3 more or less) it just takes some time, read the documentation and learn how to configure it, step by step you will get to a workflow that fits you :)

@jameskupke Don't think you know anything, stay humble and open to learn new tricks, and possibly even completely new workflows. :)

Tiling window managers are nothing like you've ever used before and that's a good thing, because everything else sucks. :D

@jameskupke As for guides I would suggest reading others configs and generally just discussing the subject with others. It's how I learned pretty much everything I know. :)

I guess there's videos online about them now. They seem to have become fairly mainstream these days.

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